EXTER—International Art Residency Programme

EXTER is a long-term programme of the Ukrainian Institute aimed at building sustainable partnerships with art residencies around the world. The programme is designed for artists, curators, art critics, and scholars.

EXTER aims to build connections, facilitate exchange and collaborations between Ukrainian and international professionals, strengthening Ukraine's presence in the global art community.
The EXTER programme is based on collaboration with leading contemporary art residencies in the countries of the Ukrainian Institute's activity. Programme partners are organisations and institutions that are well integrated in professional community, have the experience and infrastructure to meet the residents' needs as well as an extensive network of local contacts.

Striving for a balance of self-directed work and curated programming, each individual residency is jointly developed by Ukrainian Institute, partner organisation and the resident based on the latter's professional needs, local context, and institutional framework. EXTER programme is designed to actively engage participants with the cultural scene of the cities of residency, provide opportunities for networking and public presentation of their practice to foreign audiences.

Art residencies create opportunities for international mobility of people, ideas, experience, and practices; for framing one's artistic practice in different cultural contexts; and facilitate cooperation of professionals globally. EXTER residents are culture ambassadors that represent the current art landscape of Ukraine abroad.
The programme is named after Oleksandra Exter (Alexandra Exter) (1882 – 1949), a Ukrainian avant-garde artist of international prominence who spent most of her life in Kyiv. Oleksandra Exter revolutionised stage design and reconceptualised Ukrainian folk culture by fusing abstract art with traditional embroidery patterns and crafting practices. A refined intellectual well-versed in several European languages, she traveled extensively around the world and was friends with Picasso, Braque, Apollinaire, and Marinetti, among others. Founder of her own school in Kyiv and Odesa, Exter was a bridge between the world of the Ukrainian avant-garde and new art of Western Europe.
Open Call

In 2020, Ukrainian Institute announces an open call for artists, curators, critics, and scholars from Ukraine to participate in individual residencies at 13 partner institutions in France, Germany, Poland, Austria, USA, UK, Lithuania, Italy, and Czech Republic. The third edition of EXTER features short-term residency opportunities in:
AIR Wro / Wroclaw, Poland
When: 8 June – 12 July 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics, scholars

AIR Wro is a programme of Strefa Kultury Wrocław dedicated to representatives of creative and academic sector working in the field of contemporary culture and art. The idea of the programme is to support mobility of culture actors and to organise residencies, study visits and international cooperation. Its objective is to support and promote the activities of creators from various fields of culture and art - artists, curators, researchers, journalists, cultural animators and managers who are interested in collaboration with representatives of local communities and want to build international cultural relations.

The programme participants, often drawing upon the traditions of urban and grassroots movements, implement their artistic, cultural and social projects addressing current phenomena and problems faced by contemporary cities, such as public space, environmental protection and ecology. Referring to issues like civic education and cultural policy, they promote mediation and facilitate the search for innovative solutions and practices. In the field of culture and art they seek to redefine and portray the city of the 21st century.

Artist/curator/researcher in residency is invited to share their portfolio during the public artist talk gathering the local cultural scene as well as to add a creative comment to International Biennale of Urban Art "OUT IF STH" events. This year "OUT OF STH" will focus on the subject of space absorption, will look at urban enclaves, hotspots on the city map and trends in grassroots, civic shaping of public space.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Strefa Kultury Wrocław, a 1-month fully funded residency is available for one Ukrainian artist, curator, critic or scholar interested in visual arts / urbanistic/social conflicts from 8 June to 12 July 2020. Strefa Kultury will provide accommodation for the resident and organise a professional programme including studio visits and meetings with representatives of the culture sector in Wroclaw.

Photo Courtesy of Strefa Kultury Wrocław.
→ Berlin Art Institute / Berlin, Germany
When: 15 June – 7 August 2020; 7 September – 30 October 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics

With its innovative concept of an international artist residency, contemporary art school and arts incubator, the BAI is an independent institute for artistic training and advanced training and research in Berlin. The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE is located in the building complex 404 at Industriebahn Berlin in the Berlin district of Weißensee. The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE makes use of the large number of national and international artists in Berlin and generates its temporary and regular partners from this pool to make a broad and flexible training offer. The regular events of the BAI with alternating artists, critics, curators etc. enable all participants an exchange with the actors of contemporary art in Berlin during their study stay. The programme is conducted in English.

A Studio Programme at BAI includes:

  • Workplace | The studios of the BAI are available day and night for all participants of the Studio programme. The bright rooms are between 45 and 55 square metres large and around 3.5 metres high. They are equipped with working tables and chairs, overhead lighting, and light protection for the windows. One studio can be used by 3 to 5 persons. The personal workplace is approx. 10 – 15 square meters large.
  • Discourse | Thematic reflection on and discussion of the participants' artistic works and additional positions. The forum includes issues of mediation and self-organisation.
  • Coaching | Feedback, training and consulting for portfolio preparation and documentation, presentation and visualization of their own artistic work.
  • Block seminar (Guest Lecturer) | A three-day block seminar by a guest lecturer is held each block: he/she presents his/her artistic position and engages in a collaboration and an intensive exchange with our participants.
  • Visits | Every two weeks we organise visits to galleries, exhibitions, or museums that include discussions with the gallerists, projects space operators, artists, curators, if possible.
  • Lecture (Guest Lecturer) | Once a block, we invite a currently interesting speaker to deliver a lecture.
  • Individual and group meetings | The Studio programme includes weekly individual and group meetings dedicated to their artistic work.
  • Certificate | The BERLIN ART INSTITUTE acknowledges the study stay with a certificate.

Learn more about the programme here.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Berlin Art Institute, two fully funded residencies are available for Ukrainian artists, curators and critics in 2020:

Blocks 07-08: 06/15 – 08/07/2020
Blocks 10-11: 09/07 – 10/30/2020

Please note that the Ukrainian Institute will only be able to cover the ticket costs from Kyiv to Berlin and back for BAI residents.

Photo Courtesy of Berlin Art Institute.
→ Berlin Sessions / Berlin, Germany
When: 1 – 30 September; 1 – 30 November 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics, researchers

The Berlin Sessions Residency Programme is a platform conceived to offer curatorial expertise, network building and logistic support in the art sector to artists and cultural professionals who are interested in gaining an insight into Berlin's vibrant art scene. Berlin Sessions is an initiative that draws from the experience of Berlinerpool, a non-for-profit platform for artists, curators, art managers and spaces of Berlin supported by a physical documentation archive of its members, that is taking shape of a research center on Berlin-based art.

Programme overview

During the residency, the chosen artist/curator/critic will be immersed in the network of cultural professionals, fitting his/her discipline and research area. Berlin Sessions will provide advice and guidance while introducing the resident to representatives of organizations and cultural operators. Visiting Berlin, the resident will get to know key places to his/her artistic practice. The schedule of meetings and conversations is essential in order to start cooperation and find future exhibition venues. To get a grasp on the multitude of events, Berlin Sessions offers art alerts, which are suggestions where to go and how to find interesting events, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and lectures.

Selected residents will work together with Berlin-based art writers, discussing previous and current projects. The effect of the conversation will be a professional text about artistic practice of the resident, which can be used in publications, catalogues and project applications.

To introduce a new artist, curator or researcher to the Berlin and international audiences, we will make a short, professional video interview with him/her and post it on our social media channels and website during the first week of the stay.

Artist talks and panel discussions are formats that Berlin Sessions strongly supports. The resident will have an opportunity to present his/her projects during an event in-house or in a partner venue.

Moreover, the resident will receive a full profile on the Berlin Sessions website, will be included in the regular newsletter sent to 10,000 email addresses, subscribed by international art organizations, and will be mentioned in social network postings.

Apartment and shared studio space

Berlin Sessions Residency apartment is located in the borough of Friedrichshain, in the north side of the river Spree and formerly known as East Berlin. The apartment is 160 square meters. Inside the apartment, the resident finds spacious and bright, shared studio space (35 square meters), bathroom (provided with both shower and bath), a separate toilet, and a living room with a kitchen. The bedroom is equipped with a bed, a desk, chairs, shelves, towels, linen and bedding. Facilities include a washing machine, a fridge with a freezer, a cooker with oven, heating, iron, telephone and high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Berlin Sessions, two fully-funded residencies are available for Ukrainian artists, curators, critics, or scholars in September and November 2020. Chosen artist/curator/critic will receive accommodation in Berlin Sessions Residency, free use of shared studio space, individually designed programme, and a person supporting and scheduling meetings for the resident in Berlin.

Photo by Marcelina Wellmer. Courtesy of Berlin Sessions.

When: 2 October – 27 November 2020
Who can apply: artists only

Founded in 1965, Cité internationale des arts is today the largest artist residency centre in the world: 22, 000 artists have been hosted in residence since its creation. Its ideal location in the heart of Paris is an added value for artists to interact with the cultural scene of the French capital, and it makes Cité an important hub in the cultural landscape of Paris and internationally.

Cité internationale des arts is located on two complementary sites, one in the Marais district and the other in Montmartre. With its 135 French and international partners, it welcomed in 2016 more than 1,200 artists from 100 countries in more than 300 studios. Artists from all disciplines but also curators are hosted for residencies that can last from 2 to 12 months.

The ambitious project of Cité internationale des arts is to welcome artists from all around the world, giving them the adequate environment to encourage encounters, artistic crossovers and creativity. It is a place open to dialogue between cultures, where artists meet their audiences and professionals.

Open studios

During their stay at the Cité internationale des arts, artists are free to organise "Open Studio Days" in their studio. The Cité internationale des arts communication team must be given the practical information (dates, times) and a presentation of these "Open Studio Days" sufficiently in advance so that they can publicise them across their different media.

The events programme is organised and co-ordinated by staff at the Cité internationale des arts, who select the projects that will be presented either on or off the premises.

Events programme

The Cité internationale des arts organises exhibitions, concerts, get-togethers, projections, performances, and open studio days with the artists in residence and/or partner organisations across several programmes of events.

The Cité internationale des arts also acts as a relay to promote its resident artists' fringe events.

Services and facilities

In order to help the integration of new residents into the resident artist community, the Cité internationale des arts creates an environment that is conducive to exchange and provides the artists with numerous opportunities to this end, including:

· French lessons:
Residents at the Cité internationale des arts may attend French lessons every Tuesday and Thursday in one of the studios on the Marais site. The lessons are adapted to suit different levels and organised "à la carte" to meet residents' needs. There is a small charge (10 € per lesson in 2020).

· Monthly lunches:
Every month, the Cité internationale des arts invites all its residents to share a convivial moment, which is an opportunity to meet and exchange and during which they can also meet and discuss with the management and staff. Partner institutions are also regularly invited to come and exchange with the residents.

· "Carte-Musées" Museum Pass:
Upon their arrival at the Cité internationale des arts, residents can take advantages of a museum pass that entitles them to reduced admissions at most of Paris' museums.

· Café des Arts
The Café des Arts is a convivial meeting place which is designed to be a space where residents can meet each other, welcome visitors, or hold professional meetings. It can be converted into a screening room or a conference room.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and the Cité internationale des arts, one fully funded residency is available for a Ukrainian artist from 2 October to 27 November 2020. The selected artist will be provided with accommodation at the Marais site.

Please note that the Ukrainian Institute will only be able to cover the ticket costs from Kyiv to Paris and back for the resident at the Cité internationale des arts.

Photo Courtesy of Cité internationale des arts.
→ Dos Mares / Marseille, France
When: 26 August – 2 October 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics, scholars

Dos Mares is a group of interconnected projects that favours research and innovation in art. Dos Mares accompanies and encourages international artists and researchers in the development and critical analysis of their practice, the production of interdisciplinary knowledge, the implementation of translocal practices, commoning, intercultural collaborations, the development of professional networks, and the construction of alternative and hybrid economic models.

Art research residency

This programme is primarily intended for visual artists, researchers and curators who wish to address a research period related to their artistic pathways. The critical and curatorial accompaniment sessions are carried out with our research curatorial team several times per week. Through a constant work of reflection, activated with discussions, invited residents will be able to rethink the articulation of the concepts that feed their plastic and theoretical proposals.

It is not about producing a particular work or an exhibition but to confront its whole past work and to extract potentialities out of it. A part of the residency work will be also dedicated to the manufacturing of proposal attempts, experiments tending to extend research axes, to validate them, to correct them or to restate them.

The resident will be lodged in a fully equipped apartment in downtown Marseille 10 minutes walk from the shared studio/workshop, which is available to the residents 24/7. The resident will receive human and logistical assistance (daily life, English-French translation, amongst others).

Research project advances will be presented to the public at least one time, a video interview will be held and will be published on Dos Mares' website. The resident will have an online research tool which may be feed daily in order to be used as documentation of the reflections, references, questions, new leads during the residency period.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Dos Mares, a 4-week fully funded residency is available for one Ukrainian artist, curator, scholar, or critic from 26 August to 2 October 2020.

Photo Courtesy of Dos Mares.
When: 15 September – 31 October 2020
Who can apply: artists only

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is a place where artists make and develop work. We support artists by providing studios, open access to workspaces, discursive events and specialist facilities as well as training and professional development. We commission new work and organise a year-round programme of residencies.

The residency is open to artists for whom sculpture is a part of their practice and who are keen to make connections with other artists at ESW and within Scotland. We are keen to hear from both experienced and emerging artists.

In the last few years we have hosted artists from Argentina, USA, Spain, Switzerland and worked with individual artists and organisations to devise developmental programmes for residents. Our purpose-built spaces include a Metal Workshop with welding and plasma cutting equipment; a Wood Workshop; a Mixed Media Workshop with kilns; large outdoor spaces for making work with advice from skilled technical staff.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, one fully funded residency is available for an artist from Ukraine from 15 September to 31 October 2020. The residency will include six weeks accommodation in the on-site apartment and a studio or part of a larger project space; induction to our workshops; support from staff to develop public artist talk or performance; meetings, outings and social events to connect with other artists and curators in Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.

Please be aware that this opportunity is not open to students.

Photo Courtesy of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.
→ Flux Factory / New York, USA
When: 1 October – 31 October 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics, scholars

Founded in 1994, Flux Factory is an artist-run collective residency program based in New York City comprised of a changing community of collaborators working across disciplines. The Flux Factory philosophy is that a diverse group of creative practitioners who collaborate wholeheartedly will naturally breed new and innovative ideas.

Flux Factory offers short & long-term residencies, giving artists 24 hour access to a private studio space. Flux Factory also houses a 1400 sq ft gallery space in which at least 50 multidisciplinary exhibitions are presented annually to the public free of cost. With facilities including 16 private studios and 7 shared workspaces, such as a wood-shop and screen-print studio, Flux typically hosts 40 Artists-in-Residence per year. Flux Factory artists are local, national and international in origin and diverse in age, ethnicity and identity. Over years of creative output, Flux has become a leading beacon of socially engaged art, a worldwide community of cultural producers, and a bastion for affordability and experimentation in a challenging city.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Flux Factory, a 4-week fully funded residency is available for one Ukrainian artist, curator, critic or scholar in October 2020.

Photo Courtesy of Flux Factory.
When: 1 August – 30 September, 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators

The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) is a leading nonprofit, residency-based contemporary art institution for emerging to mid-career artists and curators from around the world, including the United States. With 35 artists and curators in residence at all times, the program provides residents with the space, time, and support to develop new ideas and projects. With additional activities tailored for professional development and public engagement, ISCP serves as an important platform for producing, presenting and contextualizing contemporary art through a diverse range of international perspectives. ISCP's public programs encourage dialogue and integrate residents into the cultural landscape of New York City. The residency includes 24-hour access to a private 300 sq. ft. furnished studio space; regular studio visits from Visiting Critics and an appointed Advisor; Field Trips to museums, galleries and other cultural venues; and participation in Artist Talks and Open Studios.
Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and ISCP, a 2-month fully paid residency is available for one Ukrainian artist/curator from 1 August to 30 September, 2020 which includes participation in all of ISCP's residency program activities, plus a private studio space.

Please note that the present program is not available for graduate students.

Please be aware that the Ukrainian Institute will only be able to cover the ticket costs from Kyiv to New York and back for this year's ISCP resident.
→ Kunsthalle Praha / Prague, Czech Republic
When: October-November 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators

Kunsthalle Praha is a new space for art and culture being developed in a former industrial building located in Prague's historical centre. As part of its pre-opening programme, Kunsthalle Praha develops and supports projects in partnership with institutions or festivals, and occasionally commission new art works. Once the reconstruction is completed, Kunsthalle Praha will offer visitors an extensive programme of exhibitions and educational projects, cultural events and social activities.

Kunsthalle Praha's mission is to engage diverse audiences in a deeper understanding and appreciation of Czech and international art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The aim is to create a leading cultural institution grounded in expertise and open cooperation, a space which integrates the experience of art and culture into everyday life.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Kunsthalle Praha, a 1-month fully funded residency is available for one Ukrainian artist or curator in October-November 2020. Focusing on contemporary art, Kunsthalle Praha is open to a broad spectrum of media, including performance and sound art. Due to the reconstruction of the building, there will be no studio available for the artist apart from the accommodation. The research conducted during the residency may develop into larger projects presented in the future at Kunsthalle Praha, in a form to be determined (exhibition, workshop, performance, etc).

Over the course of one month, we provide the resident with an opportunity to develop ideas and assistance to build up a network, connecting her/him with the cultural practitioners not only from Prague, but if possible, from all over the country.

Photo Courtesy of Kunsthalle Praha.
→ Nida Art Colony / Nida, Lithuania
When: 1 June – 31 July 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics, researchers in visual culture, design, architecture

The residency programme at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (NAC) grants selected artists the opportunity to live and work in Nida, Lithuania for a period between two and six months. NAC is located in a remote UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by the unique landscape of the Curonian spit: forest, sand dunes, a freshwater lagoon, and the sea. NAC is a subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts and in addition to the international artist-in-residency programme, it organises educational projects and exhibitions.

The programme has the capacity to host up to five international residents at a time. NAC regularly works with visual artists and researchers who focus on history, ecology and politics, visual culture and interdisciplinarity. The programme is also open to designers, architects, and curators, as well as practitioners working with performing arts, sound, material research/craft, and film. In addition, proposals for a residency by professionals from other fields are always welcome. The programme is predominantly conducted in English.

The programme's goal is to provide time and space for residents to focus, and through exchange, gain insight, broaden, and diversify their outlook. The programme engages residents in discussions with fellow practitioners, participants in the NAC artistic programme, and the Nida Doctoral School. NAC is collaborating with local cultural institutions and offers the possibility to organise presentations and engage with the educational programme of NAC by conducting artist talks or workshops at Vilnius Academy of Arts or local public schools.

Living and working conditions:

Each of the five duplex residency studios have 65m2 of total space, and are equipped with basic kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and workspace infrastructure. Additionally, full access is given to the common spaces such as the library and the professional workshop (with laser cutting, wood and metal working tools, plus photo, video and sound equipment). The atmosphere and life intensity in Nida depend on the season and programme of NAC. There are between 7 and 70 people staying at NAC at all times. During June and July, Nida becomes a busy (although not overcrowded) summer holiday resort.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Nida Art Colony, a 2-month residency is available for one Ukrainian artist, curator, critic or scholar from 1 June to 31 July 2020.

Please be aware that this opportunity is not open to students. Applicants must hold at least a BA degree (or equivalent) and have at least two years of professional experience.

Photo Courtesy of Nida Art Colony.
→ Rupert / Vilnius, Lithuania
When: 1 – 31 July 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics, scholars

Rupert's Residency Programme is dedicated to local and international practitioners and thinkers (such as artists, writers, curators, researchers, cultural managers and academics), providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius while developing individual projects and immersing themselves in the region's contemporary art field. The residents can also get involved in Rupert's Alternative Education, as well as Public Programmes, where the residents can attend talks, lectures and workshops by prominent curators, artists and thinkers from all over the world.

From its inception, Rupert's three Programmes have been and are driven by a central ethos of establishing collaborations and conversations between residents, local and international art organisations and artists, and between other initiatives and professional fields in Vilnius and further afield. Our Programmes provide a setting for knowledge sharing and develop these collaborations and encounters into artistic, social and/or community-based projects, exhibitions and other outcomes.

Located in the picturesque area of Valakampiai in Vilnius and only a short distance from the city's flourishing cultural centre, Rupert is set by the river Neris and a small river beach, surrounded by peaceful fields and a forest. Rupert supports the resident with a studio, utilities, curatorial support (a minimum of 2 studio visits or feedback sessions per month), provides administrative support and facilitates access to required contacts, tools, materials and information for research and production.

The residencies are located in a recently constructed building called Pakrantė, designed by award-winning Lithuanian architect, Audrius Ambrasas. Pakrantė was founded as an arts incubator and houses a number of creative industries initiatives. Each resident is provided with a studio space and mezzanine (approximately 52 sq m.) to be used as a production and research space during the residency. The studio is fully furnished and equipped with WiFi. The building also houses a reading room, conference room and a kitchen, all of which are open for residents' use.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Rupert, a 1-month fully funded residency is available for one Ukrainian artist, curator, critic or scholar from 1 to 31 July 2020.

Photo by Tomas Lukšys . Courtesy of Rupert.
→ Viafarini / Milan, Italy
When: 1 September – 31 October 2020
Who can apply: artists, curators, critics, scholars

Viafarini is a creative incubator and a hub for visual arts located at Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, founded in 1991. VIR Viafarini-in-residence, located in the organisation's historic premises, is available as a shared studio for artists, curators and professionals of the cultural and creative sector.

VIR is a place open to dialog between visual arts and other forms of expression and creative incubation, aiming at giving space to the artistic productions of the hosted artists and facilitating skills' exchange and professional growth. At regular intervals the doors of the shared studio, which can always be visited by appointment, are opened to the public in occasion of the VIR Open Studio, for the presentation of the artists' practices.

The working place consists of two rooms connected to a wider space, for a total of over 240 square mt, where artists work side by side for variable periods.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Viafarini, a 2-month fully funded residency is available for one Ukrainian artist/curator/critic/scholar in September-October 2020 which includes studio visits by local curators and artists, professional assistance in reaching the Italian and Milanese cultural scene, access to the DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts at the Fabbrica del Vapore complex, and organization of one public event to present the resident's research.

Photo Courtesy of Viafarini.
When: 21 – 30 September 2020
Who can apply: critics only

Visiting Critics Vienna
is a residency programme for four international established art critics. It is the fourth edition of the programme, organised by Vienna-based association Verein K in cooperation with AICA – International Association of Art Critics Austria and Ukrainian Institute.

The programme will take place September 21.–30. in Vienna. A strong focus is on networking the Viennese and international art scene as well as on strengthening the position of the art criticism in Austria. In the course of a ten-day programme, the selected participants will be given comprehensive and profound insights into the contemporary Viennese art scene.

The residency programme will consist of artists' studio visits, off spaces, art collections, galleries, guided tour through selected exhibitions, meetings with curators as well as visit to the art fair viennacontemporary, gallery festival curated by_ and the festival in Graz steierischerherbst'20.

Part of the programme is dedicated to cooperation with international and Austrian art magazines, where the invited art critics will publish their texts on an exhibition, event, artist related to the Viennese/Austrian contemporary art scene. In this way the critics are given the opportunity to start a future collaboration with respected international art publications giving them more visibility in the international art criticism realm.

In the framework of the residency a panel discussion will be held on the Role of Art Criticism. Through the networking and bringing together different experts of the arts and industry, Visiting Critics Vienna aims to make a lasting contribution to professional development of the programme participants by gaining international experience and contacts for their future activities.

Under the agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and Verein K, one fully funded position is secured for a Ukrainian critic at the Visiting Critics Vienna 2020 programme. Applicants' portfolios must include weblinks to original texts published over the last five years (in case of printed media unavailable online electronic copies are required). Published texts in English are a plus, but not required.

Photo Courtesy of Verein K.

Residents will be jointly selected by teams of the Ukrainian Institute and the respective partner institution. The EXTER jury in 2020 are:

Oleksandr Vynogradov → Senior Manager, Visual Art Department, Ukrainian Institute;
Anastasiia Yevsieieva → Programme Manager, Visual Art Department, Ukrainian Institute;
Olga Tykhonova → researcher, art programmes curator.

Selected artists, curators, scholars, and critics will be given time and space for creative work as well as institutional support in establishing contacts with local art communities. An individual programme will be tailored for each participant based on their practice and expectations stated in the application.

Production of new works or participation in exhibition projects during the residency (in case such an option is provided by the partner institution) are not obligatory.

Ukrainian Institute covers the following expenses for the programme participants:
→ travel costs from/to Ukraine (from/to Kyiv where specified);
→ accommodation during the residency;
→ per diems (rates vary depending on the city);
→ visa fee (if needed);
→ participation fee.
for applicants

→ Ukrainian citizenship and permanent residence in Ukraine;

→ Minimum age 18;

→ English language proficiency (B2 level or higher);

→ Applicant must be ready to communicate and present their practice publicly during the residency;

→ Relevant professional experience;

→ Relevant higher education or other professional training certificates are a plus, but not obligatory.

Please note that the above list is general, but not exhaustive. Read carefully the residency descriptions below for more details.
How to apply
To apply for the programme, please send a letter titled "EXTER 3: Application" to art@ui.org.ua no later than 5 April 2020, 11:59 PM, Kyiv time. Please note that applications received after this time will not be considered.

Please attach to the letter:

  1. Filled-in application form (please find it here) titled 'LastName_FirstName_application_EXTER3.' Please note that in the form you must indicate two residencies of interest.

  2. Portfolio in English presenting the applicant's relevant practice (max. 10 pages, pdf file of up to 10 Mb titled 'LastName_FirstName_portfolio_EXTER3').

  3. CV in English (max. 2 pages, pdf file titled 'LastName_FirstName_CV_EXTER3').

Criteria for evaluating applications can be found below (in Ukrainian).
Each eligible applicant will be personally notified about the results.

01021, Kyiv, 20/8 Instytutska St.
+380 44 299 97 47