Ukrainian Institute announces the EXTER
first edition finalists
The Ukrainian Institute announces the finalists of the first open call of EXTER, the international art residency programme. The Ukrainian artists and curators will go to the following countries:
Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria):
An artist and curator Anton Lapov will work in one of the oldest art centers in the world which is focusing on the synthesis of art, technology and science. Lapov will participate in the Ars Electronica festival on September 5-9, 2019.

Berlin Art Institute (Berlin, Germany):
Nikita Kadan and Olya Fedorova, Ukrainian artists, will dip into the vibrant cultural life of Berlin for a month. They will have their own studio and a rich program of lectures, seminars and meetings with the local art community.

Curators' Agenda 2019 (Vienna, Austria):
Curators Lina Romanukha and Valeriya Schiller will participate in the international programme for beginning artists organized by BLOCKFREI. Curators will work for a month and a half on a collective exhibition in Vienna.

ISCP (iscp - International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York, USA):
Director Oleksiy Radinsky will work on his new film about the Ukrainian Soviet scientist Victor Glushkov (who visited the United States in 1959) and will have the opportunity to work with the largest US resident program.

RARO Madrid (Madrid, Spain):
Victoria Myronyuk gets an opportunity to continue her work with electronic music in Madrid, working in the studios of Nigredo Espacio and Sala de Máquinas. She will perform with her project at the end of the residence.

<rotor> association for contemporary art (Graz, Austria):
Anna Manankina, the Ukrainian artist, will spend a month in Graz, Austria, exploring the projects of the <rotor> center on social and political aspects of art.

Viafarini (Milan, Italy):
Larion Lozovoy gets an opportunity to work at the residence in Milan and study the history of Bovisa district in the context of its post-industrial transformations.

Visiting Curators Vienna 2019 (Vienna, Austria):
Curator Tetyana Kochubinskaya is going to participate in the program for experienced curators offered by Verein K and will explore the professional environment of Vienna. Kochubinskaya devotes her time to the creation of an exhibition mutually with the Austrian artists.

Ukrainian Institute congratulates the winners and encourages everyone to submit an application to the second iteration of the EXTER program, which will start shortly.