Food & History
Delicious meeting with Ukraine
Food helps people from different cultures find common ground. Ukrainian cuisine has already won fans around the world. We want to present cuisines of different regions of the country, and show its cultural diversity via food.
The gastronomic culture of Ukraine is a phenomenon with history. It combines traditions, natural products, and regional peculiarities. At the same time, its culinary practices are dynamic. They vary in terms of the region, season, family traditions, or the development of restaurant culture. Ukraine has something to offer to the world. There are a lot in common in the dishes of Ukraine and its neighbours, the Central and Eastern European countries. But there is also something that shapes a unique image of Ukrainian cuisine.

The Ukrainian Institute in cooperation with the —ózhakultura project presents the modern, diverse, and open to the world cuisine in the gift book "UKRAINE. Food & History".

The publication aims to present Ukrainian cuisine as a cultural heritage and part of the intangible heritage of Ukraine.
A gift book on Ukraine's culinary diplomacy

The book "UKRAINE. Food & History" tells about the past and present of Ukrainian cuisine. It includes recipes of dishes that everyone can cook, local products, and dishes presenting Ukraine. Learn from the book about the culinary traditions of Ukraine which are still alive nowadays, as well cooking techniques, and ways of product preservation. The authors pay special attention to the presentation of the Ukrainian dishes, whether for a diplomatic reception or a family dinner. The serving, atmosphere, and table decorations also create the guests' experience.
Our recipes
Chefs from different regions of Ukraine have prepared a set of various recipes representing a vibrant Ukrainian cuisine. The recipes not only reflect the heritage of Ukrainian gastronomic culture, but also are specially designed by chefs to present their taste, appearance, and structure according to the best modern culinary techniques, with an emphasis on quality and natural products.

It is impossible to include all the richness of Ukrainian cuisine in one edition, so the chefs balanced the presentation by the regions and their culinary traditions, simplicity, and simplicity of cooking. The purpose of the publication is to shift the perception of Ukrainian cuisine from a stereotypical list of dishes to understanding the value of culinary technologies in Ukraine and the quality of products.
Project team
The leading scientists and chefs joined in the creation of the book.

Olena Braichenko
author, inspirer, and curator of the project

Candidate of Historical Sciences, food researcher, and founder of the research and educational project —ózhakultura, publishing house —ózhak. Author of the book "Ukrainian feast" (Vivat, 2016) and host of the programme "On my plate" on Radio Culture.

Tetyana Filevska
project curator
Creative Director of the Ukrainian Institute

Olexandra Gaidai / Artem Braichenko
Project managers

Vyacheslav Popkov

Chef of the restaurant "River Side" (Chernihiv). Honorary member of the "Association of Chefs of Ukraine", Master of the National University of Chernihiv Collegium. T.G. Shevchenko" in the specialty of food industry technology and catering.

Ihor Lylo

Doctor of Sciences in History, Associate Professor at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, researcher of the history of food, author of the popular science publication "Lviv Cuisine", co-founder of the non-governmental organisation of the Galician Cuisine Club, author of the book "Lviv Cuisine" (2015).

Vitaliy Guralevych

Brand chef of "Khata" restaurant in Chernivtsi. In 2017, he participated in the team of chefs who represented Ukrainian cuisine in Brussels at CERCLE ROYAL GAULOIS. Culinary expert on STB TV programme "Everything will be fine" and "Everything will be delicious", Honorary Member of the Association of Chefs of Ukraine, in 2017 was awarded a medal of the Association for significant contribution to the development of cuisine in Ukraine.

Oksana Zadorozhna

Brand chef of the restaurant-brewery "Kumpel" and the largest restaurant of Galician cuisine "Hungry Mykola" since 2013, graduated with honors from the Lviv College of Catering with technician degree.

Maryna Grymych

Doctor of historical sciences, writer, cultural manager, author.

Yaroslav Artyukh

Chef from 2014 to 2020 of the restaurant "Canapa" (Kyiv), participated in the weeks of Ukrainian cuisine in London, and in 2018 represented Ukrainian gastronomy in Singapore at World Gourmet Summit 22. He graduated from the Higher Commercial School of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics in the specialty "cook".

Vitaliy Reznichenko

Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University, worked in the Department of State Protocol and Ceremonial, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the second class. Co-author of the Handbook of Workshops on Official, Diplomatic, Business Protocol and Etiquette (2003).

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