International Cultural Diplomacy Forum
November 10,


International Cultural Diplomacy Forum is a professional platform to discuss current approaches to countries presentation on the international arena through the means of culture, and establishment of cultural relations.

The Forum will gather leading professionals from Ukraine and the world to exchange the best practices and find inclusive solutions of the new cultural diplomacy in times of crisis, global threats, and uncertainty.

The International Cultural Diplomacy Forum is organised by the Ukrainian Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

During the Forum we will discuss:
current approaches and existing instruments of cultural diplomacy
the role of cultural diplomacy in times of crisis, threats, and uncertainty
a common vision of the role of cultural diplomacy as a component of public diplomacy and international relations
Tuesday, November 10
Cultural diplomacy in times of crisis,
threats, and the uncertainty

Key Note Speaker

  • The role of cultural diplomacy: why it is important to invest in intercultural relations in difficult times;
  • Cultural diplomacy VS Intercultural relations;
  • Role and relevance of culture in times of conflict and uncertainty.
Best practices of cultural diplomacy in times of crisis

Panel discussion

  • Examples of cultural diplomacy projects in times of crisis, threats and the global challenges;
  • Successful cases from different countries;
  • Effective cultural diplomacy tools to ensure the security and conflicts resolutions.
Global Soft Power Index

Key Note Speaker

  • Presentation of the  Global Soft Power Index;
  • Methodology for determining the Index;
  • What countries are leaders in Soft Power, what factors make
    the country a leader;
  • The role of culture in the Soft Power Index of Ukraine and development prospects for Ukraine.
Perception of Ukraine abroad: analytical optics

Panel discussion

Cultural diplomacy, image of the country and national security

Panel discussion

  • Cultural diplomacy as a component of national security;
  • The place of cultural diplomacy in the processes of forming an image of the country;
  • How cultural diplomacy should work in conditions of limited resources and why it should remain a priority.
Audience: representatives of the government of Ukraine, committees of the parliament, Ukrainian embassies abroad, international organisations, cultural and educational institutions, and analytical centres.

The Forum will be streamed on the Ukrainian Institute's Facebook and YouTube pages.

The International Cultural Diplomacy Forum will be held annually.

01021, Kyiv, 20/8 Instytutska St.
+380 44 299 97 47