at war

The Culture Fights Back project to share stories of artists and civil society representatives who have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In this section, read the stories of modern Ukrainian artists who, at the cost of their lives and health, protect us against Russia’s military aggression in the 21st century.

Anastasiia Shevchenko

Anastasiia Shevchenko is a Ukrainian singer, former actress at the Dakh Contemporary Arts Center and TV host of UA:Suspilne. She has been active on the front line since 2014, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began.

Before the full-scale invasion, Anastasiia was working for the Democratic Axe party of Ukraine. She has also released the pop tracks Knife, Fight with the Shadow, Lullaby for the Enemy (2019) and Fight (2022) under the stage name Stasik. 

“I love this country, so my activities in the political sphere and my musical expressions work towards a common goal. I want people to live well in this country. And I do everything I can in support of that.”

Anastasiia was 20 years old when the Revolution of Dignity broke out in Ukraine. Being a student at the time, she went to protest with her friends. She couldn’t stand aside when Russia’s invasion of Donbas began in 2014, deciding to go to the front for 10 days with a volunteer ambulance to provide medical aid and see the realities of war. Then, she joined the unit as a combat medic, but eventually returned home due to her health condition. She continued to help by training soldiers of various units to provide medical aid under fire as part of the Patriot Defence NGO. She never expected to be on the front line again, but returned to the front in 2022 due to increased Russian aggression. She now serves as a combat medic. 

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