The name of the programme comes from the Latin word ‘illumino’ — to illuminate, to decorate, and is reminiscent of the decoration of manuscripts illustrated compositions, the so-called illuminated manuscripts. One of the most famous of these manuscripts — the Paris Psalmbook – is stored in the French National Library in Paris. In a city with a long tradition of book art, the Livre Paris Book Fair is held nowadays.
Five Ukrainian illustrators presented their works during online programme of the Frankfurt Book Fair
Ukrainian Institute launched in 2020 the first programme in the Literature section — a mobility programme for book illustrators Illuminate. The programme aims to build relations with the representatives of key institutions and individuals in the field of literature as well as engage Ukrainian professionals to the main world events.

By offering this programme, the Ukrainian Institute regards Ukrainian illustrators as players in the publishing sector with the potential for international cooperation who can boost Ukraine’s visibility in the field of book arts.

In 2020 five Ukrainian illustrators presented their works during online programme of the biggest literature events in the world — Frankfurt Book Fair.

The participants of this year programme were Romana Ruban, Kate Didyk, Tetiana Zahachevska (Tsyupka), Oksana Drachkovska, and Polina Doroshenko.

They had an opportunity to establish contacts with representatives of foreign publishers, and institutions cooperating with book illustrators; to present their portfolios, exchange professional experience with peers from other countries. Illustrators also took part in a number of masterclasses and professional discussions.

Within the Illuminate programme, the professional visit of five Ukrainian illustrators was also planned in March 2020 to the Livre Paris — the biggest book event in France. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to the pandemic and the quarantine limitations.