The Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies Programme 2022


About the programme in 2022

As Russia continues war on the territory of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute is forced to suspend applications for the Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies Programme. We understand how important it is to spread knowledge about Ukraine in this dark and difficult time, so we are looking for other opportunities to implement the Programme.

About the programme in 2022

The Ukrainian Institute announces the call for proposals within the Lysiak-Rudnytsky Ukrainian Studies Programme. The goal of this Programme is to promote Ukraine abroad, participate in nuanced discourse about the country, and facilitate research on a broad variety of Ukrainian studies topics among international experts and the general public.

Cultural, educational, and research centers and institutions registered outside Ukraine are welcome to submit project proposals.

Institutions registered in Ukraine cannot apply for the Programme. However, the Ukrainian Institute welcomes the cooperation between Ukrainian institutions and foreign ones, but only the foreign institution could apply for the Programme.

Selection criteria in 2022

The project should be implemented abroad with a focus on the foreign audience.   

Project implementation and reporting must be completed by November 30, 2022; therefore, no extensions will be given past the end of November. The Programme will support only short-term (one year) projects or projects that are in the final stages of implementation.  

Please attach the following documents to the application:    

  • Application form.  
  • Project proposal.  
  • Detailed budget of the project  
  • A signed form confirming that among founders and members of the applicant institution, there are no persons who are subject to economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) due to Ukrainian legislation (scanned copy of the signed document in PDF format)  


All documents can be submitted in Ukrainian or English.  

Eligible formats of the project:  

  • translations of non-fiction texts from Ukrainian into foreign languages;   
  • publications of original texts on Ukrainian issues in foreign languages;   
  • public discussions and lectures (including online);   
  • conferences and round tables (including online)  
  • creation and promotion of online content (publications, graphics) on Ukrainian issues to achieve the goals of the Ukrainian Institute;   
  • publishing of the reviews of publications on Ukrainian issues.  

How to apply

To apply for the Programme, please send your application with the required documents to with the subject line ‘Project_Lysiak-Rudnytsky_Programme.’  

One applicant is allowed to submit no more than two applications.   

The deadline to apply for the Programme is March 27, 2022 (23:59 GMT+3).   

The result will be announced in mid-April 2022.  

Questions about the Programme can be sent to  

The regulation of the competition.

Pay attention

Mentioned application documents are only for participation in the competition. After results are announced, the winner must provide a copy of the Chapter (or another document confirming the applicant’s authority and their right to sign contracts), a document on registration of a legal entity, and fill out forms provided by the Ukrainian Institute. All documents should be signed by hand and sent by regular mail to the Ukrainian Institute.

Budgets of the projects that won the competition will be discussed before signing the contract to determine the validity of costs of the services and their compliance with Ukrainian budget legislation.

The applicants’ documents are accepted in both Ukrainian and English, although the document circulation in Ukraine is carried out only in Ukrainian.

Currently, the Ukrainian Institute is not able to provide a prepayment due to the Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №641 of 22.07.2020. Payment will be made after the services are provided due to the signed Act on services provided.
If the project includes the stages of implementation, it is possible to divide payments into the stages. In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the contract terms, the payment made for the previous stage is refunded.

The projects must be implemented by November 30, 2022. It means that all activities, including communication of the projects, must be completed by this date.
Given the length of the budget year, we encourage you to submit reporting documents and the Act of services provided as soon as possible. Early submission of reporting documents will help avoid delays in payments at the end of the budget year.

The selected projects will be financed and supported from the state budget of Ukraine following the relevant procurement procedures by concluding a bilingual (Ukrainian and English) service agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and the selected applicant under the Ukrainian legislation in the form provided by the Ukrainian Institute.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not a grant contract but a service agreement between the Ukrainian Institute and the contest winner.