Ukrainian Institute aspires to make the Ukrainian language better known in the world. 

Ukrainian Institute: 

  • Promotes Ukrainian names and use of Ukrainian transliteration;
  • Informs foreigners about the possibilities of studying Ukrainian;
  • Initiates and supports creation of Ukrainian audio guides in the museums and galleries across the world;
  • Cooperates with National Commission on the Standards of the State Language.


In 2019-2020, Ukrainian Institute launched Ukrainian audio guides in:  



Why should you learn the Ukrainian language?   

  • To explore the richness of Ukrainian culture and art. Knowledge of Ukrainian helps to access a rich cultural heritage and contemporary culture of Ukraine.   
  • To get around Ukraine. Knowledge of Ukrainian will allow you to travel more freely in Ukraine, to discover new historical and natural sites.    
  • To study at the best Ukrainian university. Ukraine offers a wide range of educational opportunities for foreign students. More information is here.   


Although Ukrainian Institute does not run language classes, we offer you a wide range of online resources to help learn Ukrainian from basic to advance level. 



National platform for studying the Ukrainian language that includes online and offline resources, mobile application, and dictionaries. 

  • Duolingo is an application in the form of a game develops the reading, listening, and speaking skills in Ukrainian of the users. It provides teachers tools to help students learn Ukrainian, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Р.І.Д is an application expands the user’s vocabulary. Each day, the user receives three new words to learn and thus gradually overcomes seven levels of application.

Phrasebooks are easy to use during trips, they have a large vocabulary of words and common phrases. The user can practice proper pronunciation of words and phrases and improve knowledge of Ukrainian phonetics by using these apps. 


Ukrainian Lessons Podcast is a series of free audio lessons to learn conversational modern Ukrainian by Anna Ohoiko. 

ПодорожіUA is an introductory-level Ukrainian language resource for English speakers developed by Alla Nedashkivska and Olena Sivachenko. This resource is designed both for university-level instruction as well as for self-learning. 


Speak Ukrainian platform is intended for everyone who needs to improve the Ukrainian language both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.  


A Taste of Ukrainian, Read Ukrainian!, Ukrainian WordsCommunicative Ukrainian for Research and Fieldwork are online resources developed by Marta Jenkala, Ukrainian Institute London. 


Ukrainian language spelling simulator is combining theory with practical tasks, it contributes to learning of Ukrainian grammar and improve spelling skills.


Ukrainskamova is a website that includes rules of spelling, punctuation, correct accents, as well as a dictionary of synonyms. 

YouTube channels developed by Ukrainian language teachers for language learners: 


Ukrainian Language

Speak Ukrainian  

Ukrainian language  


The platform includes online courses on Ukrainian, promotion of the Ukrainian language, cultural and educational courses, teacher training courses. 


Peace Corps Ukrainian Lessons 

Free English language course that will help a foreigner to acquire basic knowledge of the Ukrainian language. The course offers eBooks, the Ukrainian audios and online recorder to practice the pronunciation.

Mariana Burak, Yabluko. Elementary level (2015). Available audio.  

Olena Synchak, Yabluko. Advanced level (2015). Available audio.   

Yuri Shevchuk, Beginner’s Ukrainian (2013).  

Є. Голованенко, Українська мова для іноземців. Рівень 1, 2, 3. (2020). 

Данута Мазурик, Крок за кроком. Українська мова для іноземців.  2017 

Галина Макарова, Let’s Speak Ukrainian (1, 2, 3) 2010 

Л. Назаревич, Н. Гавдида, Українська мова для іноземців. 2017. Podcast  

Олеся Палінська, Оксана Туркевич, КРОК-1, КРОК-2 (українська мова як іноземна) 2014 

Repository Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics: textbooks and dictionaries. 

  • Linguistic portal. 
  • Yuri I. Shevchuk, The Ukrainian-English Collocation Dictionary (2021) This dictionary combines elements of six types of dictionaries: translation, collocation, learner’s, thesaurus, phraseological and encyclopedic dictionaries.
  • Slovnyk is an explanatory and orthographic dictionary of the Ukrainian language. The resource also provides a tool for transliterating names. 
  • Goroh is a public electronic library, which contains the main dictionaries of the Ukrainian language.

LanguageTool is a free and open-source multilingual grammar, style, and spell checker, all its features are available for download.

Online corrector is a writing assistant instrument that automatically correct errors in Ukrainian texts in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

UkrMova is a free service for review spelling, grammar, punctuation.

International Summer School “Ukrainian Language and Country Studies”. The Center for Ukrainian Studies, Ivan Franko National University. 


School of Ukrainian Language and Culture. Ukrainian Catholic University. 

The list was prepared in cooperation with the National Commission on the Standards of the State Language, Ukrainian universities with the special thanks to Mariana Doboni.