– interinstitutional initiative to support artistic residencies

About the programme

In 2020, the Ukrainian Institute together with the Ukrainian Cultural Fund and the European Union program called “House of Europe” launched an initiative to support artistic residencies “Zapravka”. Due to the activity of initiative, information about 19 Ukrainian art residencies has been posted on the website of TransArtists, the largest online database of residencies, as well as an online map of Ukrainian residencies has been created.

The purpose of the programme

  • to ensure the visibility and systematic representation of Ukrainian art residencies in the international professional field;
  • to strengthen cultural ties and cooperation between Ukraine and the world at the institutional level through artistic residencies;
  • to create new opportunities for cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign cultural figures.

Results of 2022:

In April 2022, the “Zapravka” initiative published an official statement  regarding the inadmissibility of “dialogue” projects between Ukrainian and Russian artists in wartime conditions, which was also posted on the ResArtists international platform.

The participants of the initiative began to monitor opportunities for representatives of the Ukrainian artists community, and started a newsletter that anyone can subscribe to by filling out the form.

During 2022, the initiative gathered information from Ukrainian residencies regarding their needs after February 24, 2022. Meetings were held with 12 representatives of art residencies from different cities of Ukraine (Mariupol, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Uzhhorod, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Kyiv, and Ternopil regions). Based on the results of the meetings and the interim monitoring of Ukrainian art residencies, the outputs were accumulated.Additionally, a list of residencies that, despite the war, continue their activities, which was published on the initiative’s Facebook page:

Also, in 2022, the initiative held consultations with the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration within the framework of “Coffee at Zapravka”.

During 2022, the participants of the initiative worked on creating a guide for those who want to start a residence program. The public presentation of the guide is planned for early 2023.

Participants of the initiative, Kateryna Alymova and Lina Romanukha, will present the “Zapravka” initiative at the ArtsLink Assembly 2022 international conference “Greener grass? Cultivating Interconnections in Ukrainian Cultural Communities Across Borders,” which took place November 30 – December 2 at the Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland.

  • Yuliya Alenina, an independent expert on art’s mobility;
  • Kateryna Alimova, program manager of House of Europe;
  • Oleksandr Vynogradov, an independent expert on art’s mobility;
  • Lina Romanukha, manager of the House of Europe residency program;
  • Olga Tikhonova, an independent expert on artist’s mobility;
  • Anastasia Manulyak, chief specialist of the program department of the Ukrainian Institute;
  • Nataliya Kernytska, a leading expert of the Department of International Cooperation of the UCF.


Results of 2021:

In May 2021, the working group of the initiative created and published a map of Ukrainian residences on Google Maps, which currently includes information about 29 Ukrainian residences.

Було отримано 7 заявок від українських творчих  резиденційних проектів для представлення на міжнародній платформі З них було обрано 3 резидеції, зокрема: 

We received 7 applications from Ukrainian creative residency projects for presentation on the international platform The following 3 residences were selected: 

  • Art Residence «АРТ КУЗЕМИН» 
  • ДЕ НЕ ДЕ 
  • RUDA project

Also, in 2021, the initiative launched regular consultations with Ukrainian residences regarding their development, establishing international cooperation and increasing visibility (either at the request of the residences or the initiative of the “Zapravka” working group) – “Coffee at Zapravka”. As a result of the initiative, 5 consultations were held with representatives of Ukrainian residences, namely:

  • Gudenky Residence 
  • Agnon Literary Center 
  • Veronika Selega (Khortytsia museum) 
  • Olena Kravetska (musicians’ residence in Obukhivka)
  • Aunty Bozhok (Gnizdo Residence)

During 2021, the initiative collected information from Ukrainian residences regarding their needs and areas growth, aimed at determining the need for creation of a practical guide for residences. Based on the results of the preliminary analysis and compiled list of residences for research, 9 in-depth interviews were conducted with representatives of Ukrainian residences:

  • Leonid Marushchak
  • Lyudmila Nechay
  • Open Place
  • Art World
  • Petro Ryaska
  • Anastasia Khlestova
  • Diana Berg
  • Daniil Galkin
  • Jam Factory
  • Yulia Alenina is an independent expert on artistic mobility;
  • Kateryna Alimova, program manager of the House of Europe;
  • Oleksandr Vynogradov is an independent expert on artistic mobility;
  • Lina Romanukha, manager of the House of Europe residency program;
  • Olga Tikhonova, an independent expert on artistic mobility;
  • Anastasia Yevseeva, chief specialist of the program department of the Ukrainian Institute;
  • Daryna Zhyvoglyadova, the deputy head of the International Department of the UСF.

Results 2020:

34 applications were received from all over Ukraine. Information about 14 selected residencies was posted on the website in the Database section. 

  • “The Muzychi Expanded History” (active since 2009) is one of the oldest active residencies in Ukraine, organized by the artist and gardener Alevtyna Kahidze in her own studio in the village of Muzychi near Kyiv.
  • “Soshenko 33” (active since 2016) is an artistic residence in the alternative space of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv.
  • “Sorry, no rooms available” (active since 2016) is an art residency organized by the artist Pyotr Ryaska at the “Intourist-Zakarpattya” hotel in Uzhhorod.
  • “Terrarium” (active since 2016) is a residence for screenwriters from the NGO “Kinozona” in the village of Vyzhenka (Chernivtsi region) in the Carpathians.
  • “Residents of Universe” (active since 2017) is the Kharkiv residence of the Yermilov Centre, which takes place in the museums, collections and divisions of the V. N. Karazin University.
  • “Open Place” (active since 2017) is a residency for artists, curators and researchers working within public space.
  • “Nazar Voitovich Art Residence” (active since 2017) is an art residence of the Congress of Cultural Activists in the village of Travneve, Ternopil region.
  • “Platform TU” (active since 2017) is a series of thematic residencies in Mariupol (“Z.mist” combines research and art, “Merezhivo” explores invisible women’s works, “Decom” is focused on thinking about the processes of decommunization and memory).
  • “SKLAD” (active since 2017) is a residence founded by artists Jan Potrogosh, Oleg Putrashyk, and Anatoly Kryvanych in the village of Perechyn (Transcarpathian region), which focuses on sculpture and work with metal.
  • “Barvinok Art Residence” (active since 2019) is an art residence from the NGO “Prydniprovskyi Barvinok”, dedicated to the study of the Dnipro industrial district.
  • “Kruta Art Residency” (active since 2019) is a private art residence of the artist Vitaly Shuplyak in Berezhany (Ternopil region).
  • “Garage 127” (active since 2019) is a residence in Kharkiv founded by artist Anton Tkachenko and curator Anastasia Khlestova, located in a garage equipped as a multifunctional space for exhibitions and events.
  • “Ladomyria” (active since 2019) is an ethno-residence from the Volyn Research and Revival Center, located in Radyvyliv town of Rivne region.
  • “European Glass Education International Residence” (active since 2020) is an international residence at the art glass department of the Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Also, the members of the initiative’s working group prepared an article in English about the current residential landscape of Ukraine, which was published on the TransArtists website.

  • Yulia Alenina — manager of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund of the N.O.R.D. program;
  • Kateryna Alimova — program manager of the House of Europe;
  • Oleksandr Vynogradov — chief specialist of the program department of the Ukrainian Institute;
  • Lina Romanukha — manager of the House of Europe residency program;
  • Olga Tikhonova — an independent expert on artistic mobility.