Explore Ukraine: 5 projects about Ukraine
In 2020, the Ukrainian Institute and partners collected stories about Ukraine. Do you want to know more about Ukrainian culture, history, and the spots worth visiting? Check the list below.

UKRAINE.UA – is a digital portal about modern Ukraine. It tells inspiring stories about creative, dynamic and innovative Ukraine. It's an entry point to get the first impression of the country and discover where to study, invest or travel.

Partner of the project: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
«Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities» is a short introductory online course on history, culture, and society of Ukraine from the Middle Ages to the present. The course reveals Ukraine's role in European and world history, and dispels stereotypes. The course is free and available on the global learning platform Udemy.

Partners: Online education studio EdEra and National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"
«10 Things Everyone Should Know About Ukraine» brings to life familiar and yet unknown stories about Ukraine. Ten short films tell about famous figures, historical and cultural events in Ukraine, and invite to see Ukraine of ХІХ-ХХ in the local and world contexts.

Partner: Ukrainian Institute London
Ukraine in Two Minutes presents ten explainer videos to international audiences, highlighting key events of Ukrainian history and culture, and debunking the myths and stereotypes about Ukraine.

Partner: Internews Ukraine та UkraineWorld
«We are Crimea» immerses you with virtual reality into the wonderful nature and history of Crimea. There are four stories of people who cannot come to the peninsula because of a temporary occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. They share their warm memories about Crimea and how this loss affected them.

Partner: Ukraїner