Ivan Svitlychnyi won the Malevich Artist Award 2018

The international jury selected the winner of The Kazimir Malevich Artist Award among three finalists
The award ceremony of one of the most prestigious prizes in modern Ukrainian art, The Kazimir Malevich Artist Award, took place in IZONE creative space on November, 15.
This year's award went to Ivan Svitlychnyi, a painter and sculptor from Kharkiv, who was nominated by the National Art Museum of Ukraine. The international jury had to choose between all the finalists who were nominated in 2018, with Sasha Kurmaz from Victor Maruschenko's school of photography and Mykola Ridnyi from Labirynth gallery in Ljubljana competing with the eventual winner.

Ivan got his degree in monumental sculpture and easel painting in Kharkiv academy of arts and design. With a SVITER art-formation, he created an experimental exposition center Shukhliada, a space with new artistic tools and virtual exhibiting.
Svitlychnyi is a participant of several Ukrainian and international group and personal exhibition projects; he was nominated for Pinchuk Art Centre Prize four times; he was also represented in the Ukrainian pavilion at the Venetian Biennale in 2017. Today Ivan works mainly with audio sculpture and 3D-sound techniques. He experiments with programming, science art and new media.

The Malevich Artist Award 2018 winner received €3000 reward from the Polish Institute, and, with the help of the Ukrainian Institute, the residence in the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw in 2019.

The interview with Ivan Svitlychnyi for KORYDOR (in Ukrainian)

The Malevich Artist Award was founded in 2008 by the initiative of the Polish Institute in Kyiv and is presented every two years. In cooperation with Ukrainian and Polish partners, it honors Kazimir Malevich, the famous artist, whose works were inspired by Polish, Ukrainian and Russian cultures.