Performance Arts
"City to Go" performance/installation at the Ukrainian November Festival at the Volkstheater
Cultural Year Ukraine-Austria
15-16 November
Area of activities
of Ukrainian culture abroad
Performance Arts
Vienna, Austria
On 15–16 November, one stage at the Volkstheater in Vienna was dedicated to the Ukrainian November Festival. "City to Go", a social documentary performance by director Georg Genoux with the participation of Ukrainian children from front-line towns in eastern Ukraine was staged during the festival. The authors and performers of the "City to Go" project are pupils at local schools in the region. They reflect on the subject of their experiences in the adult world and look for ways to express these thoughts through theatre. No matter how terrible this war may be, the protagonists of the project are driven by a love-hate relationship with their hometowns and desire the chance to meet and talk about their home, their emotions and events.