Open call: International masterclasses for composers
Ukrainian Institute, in partnership with
The Acousmatic Project
(Vienna, Austria), announces
a call for applications for international Masterclasses on electroacoustic and acousmatic composition, which will be held in Vienna on 24-28 September 2019.
Alla Zagaykevych, a renowned Ukrainian composer, will be one of the mentors.
The masterclasses will be the part of the annual Sounds Around Me Festival, organized by The Acousmatic Project.The programme of the Masterclasses includes approximately 80 hours of individual classes, a series of workshops, public talks and concerts by four acknowledged composers, involved as mentors: Annette Vande Gorne (Belgium), Thomas Gorbach (Austria), Jaime Reis (Portugal), and Alla Zagaykevych (Ukraine).
An intense week of classes will result in a concert programme featuring works by mentors and students on three venues in Vienna during the Sounds Around Me, an acousmatic music festival.

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