Concert to Joseph Roth
International Festival LvivMozArt 2019 honours the figure of Joseph Roth with a historic event - a grand memorial concert to the double anniversary (125 years after birth and 80 years after the death) of the writer.

Symphony concert dedicated to Joseph Roth has united more than 200 artists from all over the world. The event happend on the 4th of August in Brody (Lviv region)
Concert to Joseph Roth was the opening event of the third year of LvivMozArt Festival, founded by the famous Ukrainian conductor Oksana Lyniv. In the programme of the concert there is a work "Kyrie eleison" by modern Ukrainian composer Bohdana Froliak and a premiere of Abraham Brody's work (violin-performance, USA), created especially for festival, in the concert program. Symphony No. 3 "Kaddish" by a prominent American composer, conductor and humanist Leonard Bernstein, son of Jewish emigrants who originated from place near Ukrainian city Rivne, will be a culmination of performance. Symphony No. 3 by Leonard Bernstein was written using the canonical texts from ancient Jewish prayers.
Joseph Roth is one of the most important German-speaking authors of the twentieth century, whose dramatic fate combined Ukrainian, Austrian and Jewish histories and became a symbol of Ukraine's inextricable ties with Europe.

"Through the lens of Joseph Roth's unprecedented figure, this project speakes about a lot of things: multiplicity and complexity of identities; memorial and commemorative practices and how to talk about tragedy; also about personal and collective trauma of a lost home, which many people have experienced and continue to experience in Ukraine", says Tatiana Oliynyk, Head of the Communication Institute of the Ukrainian Institute.

Ukrainian Institute has supported the event as a part of Bilateral Cultural Year of Ukraine and Austria 2019.