The purpose of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian film actors for representation abroad and for international cooperation, in particular with professional promotion agencies
proMOTION, a long-term support programme
for the international promotion of Ukrainian films at the final production stages, developed by the Ukrainian Institute


increase the presence of Ukrainian films abroad, their inclusion in the programmes of international film festivals and in the film schedules of foreign cinemas;

to increase the audience of Ukrainian films abroad and raise awareness about Ukrainian filmmakers in the international market;

to facilitate the involvement of international experts in the final stages of filmmaking for effective promotional activities;

to develop the distribution (festival and cinema) skills of filmmakers and to improve their marketing competence in the international market.

5 film projects, that got the highest score among others, will receive support for international promotion. The amount of support may not exceed UAH 150,000 (incl. VAT). The promotional campaign for the nominated projects is to be implemented between 4 May and 15 September 2020.
Expert commission
The projects will be selected by an expert commission consisting of representatives of the Film Sector of the Ukrainian Institute as well as independent industry experts
Olga Birzul
Head of Film Programmes at the Ukrainian Institute
Natalie Movshovych
Programme Manager of the Film Sector at the Ukrainian Institute
Daria Badior
film critic, curator of the Kyiv Critique Week
Illya Diadyk
Programme Director of the film distribution company Arthouse Traffic
Kyrylo Marikutsa
Director and co-founder of the Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF)
and the KyivMusicFilm project


1. Promotion and Advertising:

PR services (assessment of target audiences, development of film positioning strategy with focus on target audience as well as of the communication plan, definition of principal messages, positioning of the film in the international market, creation of promotional texts (international synopses, press kits, press releases), media project pitching, interview coordination, organisation of presentations for the media and press conferences, press clippings, audit of PR campaign).

Advertising in print and online press (banners, pre-rolls, site branding, etc.), on external media, on radio and television.

Promotion of the film at the festival (creating information noise, promotion among sales agents, programmers and other stakeholders).

Development of a promotion strategy and creation of content for social media, management of social platforms, advertising and promotion of posts, monitoring (opinion leaders, critics, influencers).

2. Promotional material design and printing services:

Design (creating an international poster and promotional materials (flyers, programmes, invitations).

Layout, resizing.

Printing (in Ukraine and abroad).

Distribution of promotional materials.

3. Technical services:

Creation of a DCP (digital cinema package) and other formats.

Translation into a foreign language and subtitling services for videos.

4. Creating an international teaser or trailer.


→ travel costs from/to Ukraine;
→ accommodation;
→ per diems;
→ visa fees;
→ participation/accreditation fee.

Any registered production company acting as the main producer of a film project in the case of co-production, and having a contract with the film project director on transferring the exclusive property rights to the film and the rights to use it in any form and in any way from the director to the production company is entitled to receive international film promotion support for its film project.


  1. A registered production company.
  2. A contract with the film project director on transferring the exclusive property rights to the film.
  3. Absence of financial debts.
  4. Professional experience.
  5. The experience of international cooperation and confirmed partnerships shall be an advantage.
  6. The applicant's activities and position must not contradict the principles and values of the UI.

Promotion services agreements will be concluded with the winners of the competition which require reporting in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian Institute.

To apply for the proMOTION programme, please send an email to with the subject "proMOTION1: Заявка на участь" no later than 3 April 2020, 23:59 EET (Kyiv time). The results will be announced on 20 April.

Please attach the following to your email:

  1. An application form filled out in Ukrainian (see below) named in the following format «Назва проєкту_Заявка_proMOTION1».
  2. Scans of documents confirming the eligibility for international promotion support in PDF format (max 5 MB) and named in the following format «Назва продюсерської компанії_proMOTION1_тип документу».
  3. A freeform international promotion strategy for the film project named in the following format «Назва проєкту_proMOTION1_промостратегія».
  4. Promotion cost estimate with detailed expenditures named in the following format «Назва проєкту_proMOTION1_кошторис».
  5. Scans of documents confirming existing partnerships in PDF format (max 5 MB) and named in the following format «Назва проєкту_proMOTION1_підтвердження партнерств».

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