GAZ Opera-dystopia at the MusiktheatertageWIEN festival
Cultural Year Ukraine-Austria
17 September
Area of activities
Ukraine's participation in key global cultural, educational and scientific events
Performance Arts
Vienna, Austria
"WUK is located near the place where Les Kurbas rented a flat during his studies in Vienna. But instead of attending lectures, he attended theatres where he immersed himself in the rebel spirit of the "explosion" of new ideas. In a similar way, we've brought our most explosive show – GAZ opera-dystopia – to the Musiktheatertage Wien festival"

the Nova Opera music group
On 17 September, the Austrian premiere of the dystopian performance GAZ took place at the Musiktheatertage Wien Festival. The opera was created by the Ukrainian theatrical and musical formation NOVA OPERA, director Virlana Tkach and Austrian choreographer Simon Mayer. The pilot version was shown at the "Kurbas. New Worlds" exhibition at the Art Arsenal in 2018. GAZ is a synthetic opera at the intersection between post-dramatic and instrumental theatre, where performative practices coexist with avant-garde and electronic music. The plot of the opera unfolds around an explosion in a futuristic factory that once produced energy for an entire industrial society. The central image is a customised piano – a former factory console that combined the living and the technogenic in one system. The source of inspiration for the GAZ opera is the staging of "Gaz" by Ukrainian avant-gardist theatre director Les Kurbas based on the eponymous work of German writer Georg Kaiser.