Chamber Music Concerts
Antony Baryshevsky's solo concert at the Arnold Schönberg Centre
Cultural Year Ukraine-Austria
2 October
Area of activities
of Ukrainian culture abroad
Vienna, Austria
"I was invited to take part in a project of the Ukrainian Institute, which included a concert at the Vienna Schoenberg Centre. For me it was a good opportunity to show the music of Ukrainian artists to Austria, as well as to play the music of Schoenberg himself in this famous venue. I am very grateful to the Ukrainian Institute and its team for this invitation. Their work was productive, dedicated and as professional as possible. I hope that the work of the Institute itself, as well as our cooperation with it, will continue"

– Antony Baryshevsky, pianist –
On 2 October, Ukrainian pianist Antony Baryshevsky played his first solo concert at the Arnold Schönberg Centre in Vienna as part of the Bilateral Cultural Year Ukraine-Austria 2019 programme. The Arnold Schönberg Centre is a cultural institution that preserves the creative heritage of the Austrian composer, who is considered the founder of the new musical language of the 20th century. Antony Baryshevsky played works by Arnold Schönberg and Robert Schuman, as well as Ukrainian avant-garde composers Vitaliy Godyatsky, Svyatoslav Lunyov and Valentyn Sylvestrov.