Choral Concerts
Shchedryk Choir at the SCL 2019 festival
Cultural Year Ukraine-Austria
5-10 July
Area of activities
Ukraine's participation in key global cultural, educational and scientific events
Vienna, Austria
The Shchedryk Children's Ukrainian Choir, with the support of the Ukrainian Institute, participated in the international Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival in Vienna and earning top marks in the "Treble Choirs" category as an "Outstanding Success". The Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival is among the most prestigious international youth festivals for choirs and orchestras. It takes place every July at Vienna's top music venues.

"The function of choral culture in the Western world is much more significant and sacred than in the post-Soviet space, having operated there without interruption for centuries. It is the basis not only of music education but also a mandatory component of the educational process in private schools and prestigious universities where the future elite of the society is formed.
In Soviet times, Shchedryk made a name for itself as a Europe-oriented collective. Over time, the choir has achieved international recognition that rivals in importance the awarding of an Olympic medal. The choir makes a striking impression on the Western public"

Marianna Sablina, Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Shchedryk Choir –
In 2019, 1600 ensembles from all over the world took part in the festival. At the competition, the Ukrainian choir presented a programme consisting of the works of Arvo Pärt, Victoria Polyova, Valentyn Sylvestrov, Anna Gavrylets and Clément Janequin. In spite of the age difference of the performers (ages of Shchedryk singers range from 10 to 18), the choir set an ambitious goal to compete for first place in the Treble Choirs category and was rewarded with victory. All five pieces were performed a cappella and afforded a special depth by the pristine acoustics of the Golden Hall of the Vienna Philharmonic.