Media Project
Joseph Roth memorial concert
Cultural Year Ukraine-Austria
4 August
Area of activities
of Ukrainian culture abroad
Brody, Ukraine
On August 4, a Joseph Roth memorial concert was held in Brody as part of the LvivMozArt Classical Music Festival. This large-scale event brought together over 200 artists from around the world.

The Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Oksana Lyniv, Chief Conductor of the Graz Opera, performed a series of works commemorating the 125th birthday and 80th anniversary of the death of Joseph Roth.
"Two moments were unforgettable for me this season: the resonance after the J. Roth memorial concert in Brody, when I received many touching comments from foreign guests of the festival. And, in the days following that, when five articles appears in leading newspapers and six news items were broadcast about the project on German and Austrian TV. There's also when the Austrian audience exploded in applause for the Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Dudaryk Choir peformance of Beethoven's Ninth. The passionate responses among the international community to cultural projects delivered at both domestic and on foreign venues bear witness to the success of the Ukrainian Institute mission: representing Ukraine as a vibrant and accomplished actor in the international cultural arena. It is a new and much-needed level of experience in international collaboration at the ground level that helps lift a nation to the next tier of perception and understanding in the world."

Oksana Lyniv, principal conductor of the Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra in Graz, initiator and art director of the LvivMozArt Festival –
In particular, the concert featured a piece by a contemporary Ukrainian composer Bohdan Frolyak "Kyrie eleison", the premiere of a piece by the American violinist Abraham Brody (written specifically for the concert), as well as the massive Symphony No. 3 "Kaddish" by the American composer Leonard Bernstein, son of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine. The project touched upon a complex set of topics and issues: it dealt with border fluidity and multiple identities; questions of memory and ways to talk about tragedy; problems of personal and collective trauma of a lost home and a lost world. The figure of Joseph Roth actualizes the common heritage of Ukraine and Austria in the context of European values, including that of multiculturalism.