drama on the move drama on the move
A long-term programme to support translation, promotion, and production of the modern Ukrainian drama in Europe, developed by the Ukrainian Institute.

The programme contributes to the replenishment of European theatres' repertoire with productions of modern Ukrainian drama and increased Ukrainian presence in the European theatre community.

The programme covers a period from 2020 to 2022 and will be implemented in three countries: Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Programme objective
Введення сучасної української драми в репертуари стаціонарних театрів Європи. Ми прагнемо поширити знання про сучасну Україну та українців через театральні тексти та ввести український дискурс в мистецький простір Європи.

Ідея реалізації програми виникла у зв'язку зі слабкою представленістю сучасних українських театральних текстів на сценах європейських театрів, ізольованістю українського театру і драми у європейському гуманітарному середовищі.
drama on the move. Poland
Production of the modern Ukrainian drama "Polar Explorers"* by Maria Vakula at Kazimierz Dejmek Nowy Theatre (New Theatre named after Kazimierz Dejmek) in Lodz city. Director: Joanna Hrabovetska. Project curator: Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun.

The Ukrainian Institute has received requests from theatres for the production of these pieces and is negotiating with the partners concerning the following:

→ Carrying out a Week of Ukrainian drama within the "Contact" festival by the Wilam Horzyca Theatre, Toruń city.

→ Staging the modern Ukrainian drama "Bad roads" by Natalia Vorozhbyt at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre, Olsztyn city.

→ Staging the modern Ukrainian drama "The ninth lunar day" by Oleksandra Hromova at the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre, Częstochowa city.

→ Staging the modern Ukrainian drama "Bilokhalatnist" by Tetiana Kytsenko at the Jan Kochanowski Powszechny Theatre, Radom city.

Conducting a drama contest with the subsequent translation of the winning pieces into Polish. We are under negotiations with theatres in Warsaw and Gdańsk.

*The text chosen by the partners as a result of a series of events aimed at presentation and promotion of the modern Ukrainian drama in Poland over the past few years. Such as staging the performative readings at the Modern Theatre in Szczecin as a part of "Guests, guests" project (2018), at the Teatr WARSawy in Warsaw during the Festival of performative Readings (2018), at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn during the Demopeople festival, at the Studio Theatre in Warsaw as a part of the festival "Ukraine! 4. Film festival" (2019).
drama on the move. Germany
Drama contest with the subsequent translation of the winning pieces into German. (The open call is expected in June 2020).

Publication of translations of the winning drama pieces into German.
Showcase readings of the new Ukrainian drama in partner theatres in Germany.

Support for the production of modern Ukrainian drama in partner institutions in Germany.
drama on the move.
United Kingdom
Search for partners and design of projects to support translation and promotion of modern Ukrainian drama.

Drama contest with the subsequent translation of the winning pieces into English.

Support for projects aimed at the promotion and production of the modern Ukrainian drama.

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