Developing the strategy
The 2019 short-term strategy of the Ukrainian Institute was developed in late-2018 following a series of public and internal strategic sessions, involving over a hundred consultations with the expert community in Ukraine and abroad. It helped to define the basic principles of the Institute’s activity, its mission, strategic goals, values, and principles.
Our mission:

To promote a better understanding and image of Ukraine and create opportunities for Ukrainians to interact with the world.

Our strategic goals:
To ensure the representation and recognisability of Ukraine on the cultural map of the world.
To create solid ties between Ukrainian and international cultural players.
To strengthen Ukraine's representation in the world humanities.
To support the promotion of the Ukrainian language abroad.
To provide systematic monitoring of Ukraine's perception abroad.
Our values:
The Institute's strategy is based on and reinforced by values and principles. Our values determine the daily behaviour of the team to achieve the strategic goals.
We are transparent in our activities, ready to share experiences, open to partnerships and new ideas.
We respond to the challenges of the times and speak in modern language. While respecting traditions, we create new meanings.
We are experts in our field, we keep constantly evolving, and bring the best professional to the team. We make decisions responsibly and thoughtfully.
We generate ideas and look for original solutions. Not only do we support proven formats, but also invent new ones.
The strength of our team is in unity. At the heart of our work is respect for the person, inclusion, and dignity.
Our principles of activity:
Principles are basic norms that help determine the legitimacy or illegality of our actions.
We do not discriminate
We are tolerant of diversity of the world cultures, forms of self-expression, and manifestations of human individuality.
We do not tolerate corruption
We create not an individual but a public good, and we are not guided only by personal preferences.
We do not politicise
We defend the interests of the state, not in favour of individual political forces.
We do not spread propaganda
We do not manipulate. We do not spread unreliable, untrue, or unverified information.
We do not stop learning
We believe in constant self-improvement, learn from our own experience, and stay open to dialogue and discussion.
During 2019, the team of the Ukrainian Institute actively worked on developing a medium-term strategy for 2020−2022. Internal and external experts were involved in this process. In particular, Volodymyr Sheiko, Director General of the Ukrainian Institute, and Maria Zadorozhna, Executive Director, studied at the School of Strategic Architect programme at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. There were also several strategic sessions with external moderators (in particular, Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta, Solomiya Borshosh, and Inga Vyshnevska). Currently, the 2020−2022 medium-term strategy of the Institute is under preparations for publication.

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