Representation of Ukraine at the Waves Vienna showcase
Cultural Year Ukraine-Austria
26-28 September
Area of activities
Ukraine's participation in key global cultural, educational and scientific events
Vienna, Austria
From 26 to 28 September, Ukrainian musicians made their inaugural appearance at the Waves Vienna International Music Festival. Waves Vienna is a prestigious event in the Austrian music industry representing all genres of contemporary music. The festival is part of the international INES network which brings together the eight most influential showcase festivals in Europe. Waves Vienna Music Conference is a professional music conference that annually gathers music experts, organisers, record label representatives and musicians from around the world.
"The venue was full of international guests during our concert. We were surprised when no one was put off by a language they didn't understand. Everyone was listening and watching with interest, and afterwards a lot of people told us what a beautiful, unusual language Ukrainian is. We saw that a foreign audience was interested in us and it was very encouraging. It was a great honour to represent the country at this showcase"

the band [O], who took part in the showcase
"The Ukrainian reception became one of the most hyped events at Waves Vienna. European countries are excited to cooperate with Ukraine, and we are making steady steps towards each other. Global music showcase festivals are the backbone of the music industry, the basis of close international cooperation, a launching pad of opportunity. A striking example: the WOMEX showcase paved the way for American tours for DakhaBrakha"

Serhiy Cane, music critic, head of the online music journal Comma
The Ukrainian delegation "Meet the Ukrainians!" (including musicians from the bands Gurt [O], Sasha Boole, Tik Tu, as well as Alyona Alyona) performed at the Waves Vienna Music Conference. The event was attended by music journalists, organisers of concerts and festivals, representatives of labels, distributors and managers of music projects from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, China, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.