Network platform for professionals in the cultural, academic, and civil society sectors in times of changes
A series of online events for professionals in the cultural field
Alteration is a programme that consists of a series of online events for professionals in the cultural field. It is aimed to define new efficient approaches to establishing, building, and developing intercultural relations and connections between EU and Ukrainian cultural and civil society actors in conditions of pandemic-induced uncertainty, changes, and instability. It is a mutual initiative of the EU Delegation to Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute, supported via the EU-funded Cultural Relations Platform.

The programme will cover questions such as: how international cultural relations should transform in the "new reality"; how digital tools should be used for better efficiency; what best case practices exist in international cultural relations and among cultural institutions in the EU and in Ukraine that can be of use for other institutions; how to promote cultural initiatives and products using digital tools.
To find out and promote best practices of adaptation to the post-COVID crisis both for institutions and individual representatives of cultural, academic and civil society sectors.

To support in building and facilitate new intercultural and cross-sectoral connections between people, institutions and networks from Ukraine and EU.

To build the Ukrainian cultural and creative industries sectors' capacity of promoting cultural initiatives and building online networks in a meaningful way using contemporary digital tools.

The participants will learn
How international cultural relations should transform in the "new reality"
How cultural, academic, and civil society institutions should change in the constant times of crisis and uncertainty
What new tools and approaches they can use, what skills they should develop in the teams to cope with the crisis and adapt to changes

How to promote cultural initiatives and products using digital tools

How to establish meaningful connections between people and institutions in online formats
The programme is designed for the managers, heads of institutions and team leaders in cultural, academic, and civil society sectors from Ukraine and the European Union interested in international cooperation.

The programme will consist of a set of cross-sectoral and sectoral activities taking place in April – July 2021. Key-note speeches will be delivered by the Ukrainian and EU experts showcasing the best practices. Each sectoral panel will include speed dating meetings, lectures and training, discussions, and workshops, sharing sessions.

Most of the events are available by prior registration. Follow the updates on the programme's webpage. Recordings of some events will be available on the digital channels of the Ukrainian Institute.

29 April
The New Normal of Cultural Relations
The programme will start with an online conference on how international cultural relations should transform in the "new reality". Cultural professionals from Ukraine and the European Union will share their experience how they survived the year of pandemic and discuss how different countries and institutions adopted to the new conditions of work. Panellists and participants will look for the best practices of acting in the "new reality".

Also, the partners will announce the following events within the Alteration programme to be held in May-July 2021 as well as present the methodology and expected results.

Online with prior registration by 25 April. Language: English.
Conference programme
Conference Programme
Thursday, April 29
10:00 - 16:00 (GMT+3/EEST)
10:00 – 10:30
10:00 – 10:30
Introduction of the Alteration programme
Martin Schroeder, Head of Local and Human Development section, EU Delegation to Ukraine
Sana Ouchtati, Team Leader of the Cultural Relations Platform
Moderator: Iryna Prokofieva, Programme Director of the Ukrainian Institute
10:30 – 11:30
10:30 – 11:30
Impact of COVID-19 on the CCI and International Cultural Relations
Presentation of the research

Pierangelo Isernia, professor, University of Siena
Moderator/co-speaker: Sana Ouchtati, Team Leader of the Cultural Relations Platform
11:30 – 13:00
11:30 – 13:00
First lessons of the year of the pandemic: how different countries overcame the crisis
Panel discussion

Tetiana Shulha, Sector Manager, Culture, EU Delegation to Ukraine
Grzegorz Reske, Member of Performing Arts Institute of Warsaw, Board Member at IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts)
Volodymyr Vorobey, Director, PPV Knowledge Networks
Moderator: Anna Karnaukh, Culture and Creative Industries Expert, Alteration Programme Key Expert
  • How Europe and the world survived the year of the pandemic
  • How different countries and institutions adapted to the new conditions of work
  • How different countries supported the cultural institutions and freelancers
13:00 – 13:30
13:00 – 13:30
Lunch break
13:30 – 14:30
13:30 – 14:30
"The New Normal" for international cultural projects: experience of the Museum, Film Festival and Music Showcase
Panel discussion

Aleksandra Zakharchenko, Head of Programs & Training, Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes (France)
Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta, Director General, Mystetskyi Arsenal (Ukraine)
Thomas Heher, Programme Director, Waves Vienna (Austria)
Moderator: Ken Veerman, Strategic Advisor for Cultural Organisations
  • How projects were transformed in 2020 and 2021
  • What helped organisations to adapt and overcome the challenges
  • Which formats worked and which did not
  • Lessons learned for future
14:30 – 16:00
14:30 – 16:00
What Kind of Leadership a Resilient Organization Needs
Lecture from practitioner

Maryna Starodubska, Managing Partner, ТLFRD Ukraine
Co-speaker – Iryna Prokofieva, Programme Director of the Ukrainian Institute
  • What 'healthy' culture looks and feels like - 5 'control points' of your performance climate
  • Information flow and sharing - how communications contribute to organizational resilience
  • How to encourage employees' voicing of mistakes, improvements, and ideas
16:00 – 16:10
16:00 – 16:10
Closing remarks
Iryna Prokofieva, Programme Director of the Ukrainian Institute
5-7 May
ALT: Festival to Festival
Ukrainian and international managers and curators of important literary, book, and cross-disciplinary events of the world will be sharing their experience and discussing events in the new reality.

  • Where is the festival movement heading nowadays?
  • How can literary festivals of different countries cooperate and interact?
  • How can social impact be achieved, and how to build relationships with communities in a pandemic?
  • What online tools and formats proved to be successful
The Alteration: Festival to Festival Online Programme is organised by the team of the Book Arsenal and the Ukrainian Institute and supported by the European Union.

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27-28 May
ALT: Music Promotion
The "Music Promotion" event of the Alteration programme will gather Ukrainian and foreign music managers, music label owners, representatives of music PR agencies, contributors and editors of music media, representatives of music festivals, music producers, musicians, and band members.

Participants will share the experience of how they survived the year of the pandemic and discuss the good case practices in international music promotion:

  • Music PR during pandemic stress
  • Presence of musicians in social media. Youtube's relevant tools.
  • From the press release to the festival application. Which mistakes to be avoided.
  • International music distribution, releases, representation.
Please, apply for the event by 21th May.

Online music programme is organised by the Ukrainian Institute and Music Export Ukraine with the support of the European Union.

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31 May - 1 June
ALT: Civic Engagement in Uncertainty
Civil society
This event will bring together active representatives of civil society in Ukraine and the European Union. Leaders of NGOs working on culture, human rights, non-formal education, freedom of speech and disinformation, anti-corruption, and urbanism will discuss how approaches to social engagement have changed during the pandemic and social distance.

They will share experiences on how to adapt to the challenges of the last year, share good case practices, and gain new recipes for organizing their work in times of uncertainty.

  • How have organizations refocused on providing their services because of the pandemic?
  • What new activities of public organizations have emerged as a result of covid?
  • What mechanisms have organizations developed to effectively advocate for their activities?
  • How to build proficient partnerships at distance?
  • How to save your own resource and not burn out in times of uncertainty?
  • How has the pandemic changed the approach to teamwork in NGOs?
Please, apply for the event by 21th May. Pay attention, the date of the event is changed.

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17-18 June
ALT: Web as a Café
Visual Arts
The event is aimed at EU-based and Ukrainian art managers, curators, and other representatives of institutions and organisations within the visual arts field.

The event has a double objective:
  1. to discuss and work out the most efficient online networking solutions for art professionals;
  2. to test the discussed formats during the event, facilitating networking between art professionals from Ukraine and the EU.
For two days, the participants will attend lectures and presentations covering contemporary strategies and best-case practices of using web as a tool for visual art professionals; networking sessions; group brainstorms, and other formats.

Please, apply for the event by 21th May.
24-25 June
ALT: Theatre on the Screens
Performing Arts
The event is designed for Ukrainian and foreign theatre managers, directors and curators.

Theatre and performing arts professionals will share their experience in presenting and creating their projects in digital formats, and obtain useful skills and professional contacts for further projects.

Two-day online event with prior registration. Event will include discussions, lectures and workshops.

In focus:
  • creation of theatre in digital / experimental formats;
  • real-time online performances;
  • the variety of ways of using Zoom to create performance;
  • synthetic genres: online editing, multi-screen, etc.;
  • digital theatre series;
  • interactive formats of digital theatre: gamification and participation;
  • Is theatrical NETFLIX possible? Where to search / show theatre performances on the Internet. Analysis of existing streaming and VOD platforms;
  • online theatre festivals;
  • theatre in a smartphone and much more.
Please, apply for the event by 10th June.
8 July
Closing Event
The programme provides practical tools and guidelines for participants, developed by EU sectoral experts. As a result of the events, a handbook with practical recommendations is developed. The handbook includes cases of international cultural cooperation in the Covid-19 times from Ukraine and EU, practical recommendations and description of formats to be used in international cultural relations in the post-Covid-19 times, and the mapping of EU professional networks by sector and purpose.

The Alteration programme is supported via the Cultural Relations Platform (CRP). CRP is an EU-funded project launched in April 2020, designed to support the European Union to engage in international cultural relations. It provides a renewed approach based on a set of shared principles, and new activities, aiming to promote and facilitate sustainable cultural exchanges, people-to-people activities, and co-creation processes between Europeans and citizens from countries all over the world.

Should you have any questions or offers, please, write us: [email protected]