Institute's Identity

Дослідження та аналітика


At the heart of the identity is the idea of colour-centric Ukrainian culture. Therefore, when creating any media in the visual style, it is important to remember colour as a key means of expression.

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Logo colours:

Логотип та айдентика
HEX #ff4a00     RGВ 255/74/0     CMYK 0/85/100/0
Логотип та айдентика
HEX #ff6500    RGВ 255/101/0     CMYK 0/75/100/0
Логотип та айдентика
HEX #f58220    RGВ 245/130/32     CMYK 0/60/100/0
Логотип та айдентика
HEX #f99d1c    RGВ 249/157/28     CMYK 0/45/100/0
Логотип та айдентика
HEX #fdb913    RGВ 253/185/19     CMYK 0/30/100/0
Логотип та айдентика
HEX #ffd400    RGВ 255/212/0     CMYK 0/15/100/0
Логотип та айдентика
HEX #ffd400    RGВ 255/212/0     CMYK 0/15/100/0
Логотип та айдентика
The logo consists of a sign and a font part.
There are several construction options depending on the composition of the layout.

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Логотип та айдентика
Horizontal version
The main version of the logo. Used in branded layouts within the identity, souvenirs and other cases where the use of the logo allows the composition.
Логотип та айдентика
Vertical version
Used in situations where you want to place the logo in the centre. It is also recommended to use a large list of partner logos that have different geometry compositions.
Логотип та айдентика
Enlarged font part
An additional version of the logo. It is used in situations when the font part of the standard version of the logo is not legible enough in the required size in the layout.
Логотип та айдентика
Black and white version
Version with font part of the logo. It is recommended to use in cases when colour rendering of the logo is impossible and when aesthetic layouts require a black and white solution.
Логотип та айдентика
Version for dark background
Version with white font part. It is recommended to use when the dark shade of the background interferes with the readability of the font part of the standard logo.
Minimum logo size
Whenever possible, it is not recommended to use logos smaller than those shown in the illustrations.


Branded fonts

Логотип та айдентика

The brand typeface of the brand is the Ukrainian Institute font.

The headset has 5 different types: Bold, Regular Condensed, Regular, Italic, Light.

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Colour patterns

Geometric patterns are an additional element of identity.

They can be used as an independent graphic element in communication or to brand branded products. The colour palette of patterns is based on the colours of the logo.



There are corporate graphics for additional use in communication within the identity. Based on her style, you can create new images.

The graphics are based on geometrized contours. When creating illustrations, it is desirable to take as a basic geometric shapes or use silhouettes close to them.

The points of connection of the contours are pointed or square, without rounding. The ends of the contours are also not rounded. The contours are of equal thickness and quite saturated.


Розміщення інформації 

на постері

It is recommended to align the information vertically on the left side of the module.
In the far right half of the poster a small amount of information (no more than 2 small blocks) – can be aligned on the right side. But if there are more than two text blocks, and they are voluminous in information, it is desirable to stick to the left side of the module.

It is recommended to align horizontally along the top line, as this is a rhyme before alignment in the logo. But this principle is not a dogma if the blocks of information need air with each other. The horizontal alignment of the logo should always be on the top line.


The alignment options:
It is recommended to use left-aligned text.
For more information, you can use the right alignment of the text in the right half of the grid. In particular, if you need to place and align a large text (for example, a list of names).

Use of colour in posters

The background colour of the poster is chosen from the branded palette according to the visual content of the poster.

The vertical inscription on the left is coloured to visually support the colour of the logo and further reveal the idea of colour in the identity. It is recommended to use the orange colour HEX #ff6500.

Colour palette background



The background of the poster uses a palette of 5 colours, each of which has three saturation options, from light to bright.


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