Programme priorities

The priorities of activity of the Ukrainian Institute formed based on:

  • Two internal strategic sessions in August-September 2018;
  • Public strategic session of the Institute on October 18, 2018;
  • Strategic session on cultural diplomacy jointly with the Ukrainian Cultural Fund;
  • Consultations with 80 experts and sector professionals in culture, creative industries and education in August-December 2018;
  • Consultations with team leaders and programme managers of the British Council, the Goethe-Institut, the Czech Center, the Polish Institute, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, and the Lithuanian Cultural Institute;
  • Work meetings with heads of foreign cultural and educational institutions in Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland.

The priorities of the programme activity of the Ukrainian Institute are as follows:

  • Presentation of Ukrainian culture abroad;
  • Ukraine’s participation in the key world cultural, educational, and scientific events;
  • International exchanges and mobility;
  • Promotional projects;
  • Support for Ukrainian Studies;
  • Teaching and promoting the Ukrainian language abroad;
  • Research platform.