Resources to start your Ukrainian language learning journey

Despite the desire of the Russian Federation to erase the Ukrainian language and culture, foreign interest in Ukraine only increases. For example, the popularity of Ukrainian courses on the Duolingo app has grown by 577% as of April 2022.

Ukrainian is one of the most widely spoken Slavic languages and has millions of speakers. Outside of Ukraine, it can be heard worldwide, especially in places with significant Ukrainian diaspora, such as North and South America or Australia.

These days there are plenty of opportunities to learn Ukrainian. Whether for diving deeper into the country’s culture, keeping up with the news in the original language, or simply travelling around Ukraine after the victory.



For beginners

Real-life course taught by Ph.D. professors that consists of 20 lessons. Allows you to learn grammar and vocabulary needed for daily life as well as effectively introduces the phonetics of the language. Does not overload learners with difficult grammar explanations.



For beginners

The app covers numerous topics needed for traveling and engages all aspects of language learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The app is great for keeping your motivation up by tracking your progress and demonstrating your achievements over time. 



For pre-intermediate learners and higher

You can start speaking some Ukrainian from the very first lesson due to the app’s focus on speaking skills. You will learn proper pronunciation by listening to native speakers. The lessons are all audio which makes it convenient for listening while driving, exercising, or doing household chores.



Any level of proficiency 

Free bite-sized lessons adjusted for your level of proficiency training you in all aspects of language. Created in partnership with Peace Corps volunteers who served in Ukraine, so it will aid you greatly if you consider doing community service in the country. 



Any level of proficiency 

Site that offers learning tools for all levels from beginner to advanced. You can take a course or just do individual listening or reading tasks for fun discovering interesting facts about Ukraine along the way. One of the platforms where you can learn for free.



Perfect for pre-intermediate to advanced learners

Deep immersion in the language through content in the original language. The platform collected books, news, science, business, or travel articles all in one place for you. Your account can be synchronized on multiple devices. It also allows you to look up new words and save them in the dictionary.



Any level of proficiency

Ukrainian founded-platform platform that connects students with Ukrainian language tutors. You can schedule sessions with a native speaker who is best for you to practice with based on your goals. Security on the platform is guaranteed. 


Petro The Ukrainian on Tik Tok 

Begginers, pre-intermediate

Petro is a fun half-Ukrainian who grew up in England. He passionately teaches the basics of the Ukrainian language to foreigners and talks a lot about the country’s culture and history in a way that makes you want to visit Ukraine immediately.


Ukrainian Lessons Podcast by Anna Ohoiko 

All levels of proficiency

From the alphabet and basic greetings to more complex grammar and slang. In each of the five seasons of the podcast, Anna introduces a new level of proficiency. In separate episodes teacher Ohoiko also breaks down songs’ lyrics, converses with native speakers, and includes tips on how to learn more effectively.  

May it be a joyful learning journey!