The Southbank Center will host an event “Slava Ukraini”

On March 22, the Southbank Center will host a special creative event “Slava Ukraini”, organized in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Slava Ukraini is a specially curated night of music, poetry and spoken word. In support of the Disasters Emergency Committee, and with the support of the Ukrainian Institute in London and the British Council.


Slava Ukraini features Ukrainian and British classical and contemporary musicians, poets, performers and artists live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and by live-link from Ukraine.

The lineup includes writers Olesya Khromeychuk, Andrey Kurkov and Serhiy Zhadan, music from the London Contemporary Orchestra, and Ukrainian classical musicians Yuriy Yurchuk and Dinara Klinton.

All net proceeds of ticket sales and all further funds raised on the evening will be donated to DEC, Slava Ukraini’s fundraising partner.

Find the agenda here.