The first presentation of Ukraine at the international jazz showcase festival jazzahead! 2022

For the first time, Ukraine will be fully presented at one of the largest and most significant jazz events of the year in the world — the showcase festival jazzahead!

For the first time in the history of the festival, the Ukrainian national stand will be open, where a music catalogue of contemporary jazz and free improvisation from Ukraine will be presented. The event will take place in Bremen, Germany from April 28 to May 1. The Ukrainian Institute became a partner of the festival to tell as many stories as possible about Ukraine and its culture.

A series of meetings, events and discussions will take place during the festival. In particular, on April 29 there will be a presentation of the Ukrainian jazz scene, which will discuss the activities of the Ukrainian Institute during the war and plans for the future, the dialogue will also be joined by representatives of the festival, music agencies and media. On April 30, pianist and composer Vadim Neselovskyi will present Ukraine on the big stage of Sendesaal Bremen with two concerts of the author’s programme ‘Odesa a musical walk through a legendary city’. The jazz quartet LELEKA will also perform on the stage of the open-air showcase festival.

The Ukrainian Institute planned this event long before the full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine. The Ukrainian Institute is grateful to the organizers of the festival for their understanding and support at a time when the musicians and team of the institute are forced to flee from attacks by the Russian army. Participation in the festival is an opportunity for Ukrainian representatives of the jazz scene to continue their work and present Ukrainian culture in the world, even in such a difficult and dark time for the country. Our voices must be heard. The Ukrainian Institute is grateful to the partners and organizers of the festival who support the struggle of Ukrainians against Russian invaders and provide an opportunity to represent the country.

Ukrainian program within the showcase festival jazzahead! organized by the Ukrainian Institute in partnership with the music agency Urban Lys.


April 28 – May 1 Ukrainian Stand “JAZZ FROM UKRAINE”, 5E21

April 29 

12:00-12:45 presentation and podium discussion “Discover Ukrainian Jazz Scene: programs, cooperation opportunities and experiences” |Conference room

April 30

20:30 Vadim Neselovskyi: ODESA—a musical walk through a legendary city |Sendesaal Bremen

21:15 LELEKA concert сlubshow: Jazzahead Clubnight | Circus tent

22:30 Vadim Neselovskyi: ODESA—a musical walk through a legendary city |Sendesaal Bremen


“Discover Ukrainian Jazz Scene: programs, cooperation opportunities and experiences”

MEET UKRAINIAN JAZZ. The Ukrainian Institute offers an insight into the Ukrainian jazz scene. Presenting an overview of cooperations with international festivals, institutions and media as well as the Institute’s full catalog of exciting Ukrainian musical talent.  

In this panel, several Ukrainian promoters and musicians share their experiences in an international framework. Discussing the export potential of Ukrainian artists, especially in these trying times, depends on much more than a group’s unique musical language or local ethnic characteristics. We need professional promotion, open and effective networking, good management, and multilingual communication across the board. 

Finally, it’s of great importance to discuss the rebirth of Ukraine’s once-vibrant jazz industry; what perspectives do Ukrainian jazz musicians have post-war, and how can you help them achieve their goals? Join us and be part of the answer. 


  1. Vadim Neselovskyi – musician
  2. Viktoria Leleka – musician
  3. Mariana Bondarenko – Ukrainian Institute, music programme manager
  4. Olga Kovalevska – music agency “Urban Lys”, founder and director, music journalist, cultural manager and promoter
  5. Olga Bekenstein – Music curator; founder and artistic director of Am I Jazz? festival
  6. Anna Russkevych – festival “Jazz on the Dnieper”, art director
  7. Serhij Gemberg – Art Jazz School and Art Jazz Festival Rivne, director
  8. Anastasiia Pokaz – jazz singer, music promoter, band manager, creative director and jazz enthusiast. 
  9. Kateryna Zyablyuk – Meloport online music media
  10. Igor Osypov – musician
  11. Serhij Horobets – visual artist, production producer, jazz photographer (Urban Lys agency)