817 articles in 44 languages added to Wikipedia as part of the Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month
Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month was held on Wikipedia from February 10 to March 10, 2021.
The Ukrainian Institute, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and NGO "Wikimedia Ukraine", invited everyone to join the addition and improvement of articles in foreign languages to spread factual information about Ukraine in different regions of the world.

"Thanks to this project, hundreds of new articles have appeared on Wikipedia in different languages about Ukraine, its culture, achievements and potential. People all over the world will be able to learn something new about our country. I am convinced that this will encourage many of them to later visit Ukraine, study there or invest in it. We will definitely work for the development and success of this project in the future" — said Dmytro Kuleba, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

As part of #UkraineEverywhere campaign, 172 users created and improved articles more than 1,200 times (several users could edit one article), and created at least 817 different articles in Ukrainian and foreign languages. Participants created articles about things we are used to in new languages: for example, articles "Mnohaya lita" and "Borsch" in Malayalam (India) and an article about "Executed Renaissance" in Chinese. Actively in many languages added articles to Wikipedia about the brand of Ukraine - Ukraine NOW; famous Ukrainian films of recent years - Atlantis, Donbass; Dzyga Vertov, Sofia Yablonska.

"It is important for the Ukrainian Institute that culture becomes a unifying force and helps to build Ukraine's ties with the world. In this project we managed once again to achieve it. Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month gathered participants from dozens of countries, including experienced wiki writers interested in Ukraine as well as foreign Ukrainians, students, and university professors." — commented Volodymyr Sheiko, Director General of the Ukrainian Institute.

#UkraineEverywhere campaign covered 44 languages in total. Portuguese, English and French became the leaders in the number of added and revised articles. The project aroused considerable interest in Asian countries, a lot of editing was done in Persian and articles were added in Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month on Wikipedia is over, but we call you to continue to tell in Wikipedia about Ukrainian figures, events and phenomena that have shaped both Ukrainian culture and contributed to the world.