Ukraine Everywhere
Programme for online presentation of the visual culture of Ukraine
The Ukrainian Institute is launching a new online programme Ukraine Everywhere to present visual culture of Ukraine abroad and announces a competition for project proposals in the field of visual art. The winning project has a chance to get almost a million hryvnia. Applications are accepted until 23 July 2020.
Ukraine Everywhere is a project that emphasises the presence of Ukraine in the histories and cultures of different countries and communities, Volodymyr Sheiko, General Director of the Ukrainian Institute, explains:

"We strive to present to foreigners in an accessible way outstanding phenomena, figures and achievements of Ukraine, that are not always known abroad as Ukrainian. Due to the long absence of subjectivity in Ukraine, a large part of our culture remains unknown to the world. With this project, we want to "return" to the minds of foreigners the contribution that Ukraine has made to the world culture and history."

Project proposals should contain a curatorial concept, a format for technical implementation of the project, and a communication strategy. Among the suggested project formats may be online exhibition, online reconstruction, or another version of a curatorial statement in the field of visual art. The project should be based on existing research or publications and target English-speaking foreign audience.

"The quarantine has forced creative industries, artists, as well as cultural managers around the world to rethink for themselves the concept of online as a medium and a new space for co-existence. At first glance, this is a big challenge that will stay with us for a long time, but it is also a unique opportunity that we have never had before. Humanity is being globalized in social networks and web services. Our task is to give Ukrainians a chance to realize their potential in this process," explained Oleksandr Vynohradov, the Head of Visual Arts Department.

Ukraine Everywhere will be the first large-scale online program of the Ukrainian Institute. The project should be implemented by 1 December 2020. The cost of an online project can be up to UAH 900,000.00.

More information about the programme and the terms of the competition can be found here.