As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian musicians receive many requests from colleagues all around the world to perform works by Ukrainian composers.
Due to the need of resisting not only the military but also the information war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, an initiative group of the Lyatoshynsky Club, the Ukrainian Live Classic, and the Ukrainian Institute created the “Ukrainian Scores” project to present a digital library of Ukrainian composers’ scores to the world.
🎼 Therefore, a resource with notes by Ukrainian composers “Ukrainian Scores” was created as a sign of solidarity with Ukrainians, using the resource “Ukrainian Scores”, you can get sheets of Ukrainian composers’ works and perform their music in support of Ukraine in your city. We publish scores from composers who have given their consent to the performance and those that are freely available.
Scores and parts of Ukrainian symphonic, chamber, vocal, solo works will be sent for free use to world performers, ensembles and orchestras, institutions.