After the full-scale invasion began on February 24, 2022, the entirety of Ukrainian society united together, standing up in defence of Ukraine. Not only the professional military, but also cultural figures. The Culture Fights Back project shares stories of artists and civil society representatives who have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

About the project

Those who once performed concerts, readings and premieres had to put their professional life on hold, taking arms into their hands. This huge challenge for the cultural sector has not stopped them, and in the trenches, they continue to write poetry, think over movie scripts, and share the atrocities of the Russian army with the world. It's a demonstration of Ukrainian society's integrity, where everyone understands the need to fight for their survival.
Read the stories of Ukrainian heroes from the film, music, literature, civil society, performance and visual art sectors. Each story is illustrated with photographs: one from civilian life and the other from military service, often taken by comrades-in-arms. You can also view their works, further learning about their personalities and art.

Created by

The Culture Fights Back project was created by the Ukrainian Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukraïner. The project’s design was developed by Projector Institute student, Iryna Pugach.

The texts were written by: Anna Ryaba, Anna Strakhova, Iryna Zahrebelna and the Ukraïner team: Daria Hirna, Natalia Pivtorak, Natalia Ponedilok, Yana Mazepa and Daria Lytoshenko.

Proofreader Jabez Sherrington.