Ukraine at 12th European Forum on Music, Bulgaria. Panel Discussion on Equity in Music

The European Forum on Music (EFM) is back with its 12th editionEquity in Music in Sofia, Bulgaria from 5 to 7 June 2024.  

Ukraine will be presented at European Forum on Music for the second time. Ukrainian Institute proposed a panel discussion on “Equity in Music –– geographical perspectives” 

Speakers at the session will be Mariana Bondarenko (Ukrainian Institute), Mila Georgieva (Bulgarian Music Association), Carlos Martin (Sons da Lusofonia), Tomas Van Respaille (Bozar, Brussels) and Nayden Todorov (Minister of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria). The panel will be moderated by Michalis Karakatsanis (European Music Council). 

The panellists will share their view on how a more equitable music dlandscape can also be reached for European countries and their music repertoire that seem to remain overlooked and underrepresented in the European discourse due to different reasons (e.g. complicated logistics, lack of financial support, less coverage by the international music media, the lack of demand by the international community as well as stereotypical thinking in prioritising countries to be represented internationally). 

There will be also two delegates from Ukraine at European Forum on Music: 

  • Nataliia Stets, artistic director of National Philharmony of Ukraine 
  • Oksana Madarash, conductor of the National Operetta Theatre