Ukrainian institute initiated the holding of the Manifesta European biennial in Ukraine in 2028 

Last week in Kosovo, during the inauguration of the 14th Biennial of Contemporary Art Manifesta, its founder and director Hedwig Fien announced plans to hold the 17th Biennial in 2028 in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Institute approached the leadership of the biennial with this proposal and expressed its readiness to become a partner in preparation and holding Manifesta in Ukraine. The representatives of the Institute have already initiated preliminary consultations with the cultural community in Ukraine and abroad. 

Ukraine has significant potential in the field of contemporary art, which continues to develop even in the face of a full-scale Russian invasion. Holding an event of this level will contribute to the decentralisation of cultural processes in Ukraine and deepen the engagement of Ukrainians in European cultural networks. In the past, Ukraine has already submitted applications for Manifesta twice, in particular, in 2018, the application was submitted by the Ukrainian Institute. 

Manifesta emerged in the early 1990s in response to the political, economic and social changes that took place after the end of the Cold War and within the movement toward European integration. The first biennial was held in 1996 in Rotterdam. 

The biennial involves a series of activities, namely studies, publications, meetings, discussions and exhibitions, culminating in a three-month programme in a selected city or region. The nomadic nature of Manifesta is inherent in the desire to explore Europe and create links between artists, curators and young professionals from 40 countries in different regions of the world.