Ukrainian show-case program

Ukrainian show-case program "Pavillons du Futur" as part of the Avignon La Manufacture off-festival

“Avignon La Manufacture off-festival” is a key contemporary performing arts event that unites hundreds of professionals worldwide. Ukrainian art and its creators are given a special place this year — the Ukrainian pavilion “Pavillons du Futur”.

Project aims

to express the voice of Ukraine in the professional theater community of France and to present current projects from Ukraine. And additionally to establish professional dialogue and cooperation between Ukrainian and French artists.

About the project

The Ukrainian show-case program is scheduled for July 9-16. The focus will remain on the topics of war, social interaction, values of European humanism and possible future scenarios of the world’s existence. Artists will imagine the future based on the Ukrainian present and past.

Since Russia’s war against Ukraine is not only territorial and economic, but also cultural, it is crucial to talk about Ukrainian culture today. Russian soldiers’ blatant destruction of cultural heritage confirms that imperialism works through the erasure of national identity.

In the presentation of the Ukrainian program, the team offers mixed formats, combining video translations and Zoom discussions with offline performances and photo exhibitions. Those who cannot leave Ukraine will be able to join the festival events.


14:00 Оpening of Polina Polikarpova’s photo exhibition

14:00 Presentation of the documentary and theater project “WE”. Conversation with the authors of the project, Sashko Brama, Maria Yasinska, Lyudmila Batalova

15:00 Pitching of Ukrainian theater projects


14:00 Presentation of the dance film WODURUDU directed by Anatoliy Sachivko

15:15 Presentation of the Rad Room created by Totem Dance Group

15:30 Online discussion: Contemporary dance in Ukraine


14:00 Presentation of the video performance H-Effect (director Roza Sarkisian)

15:30 Online discussion: Ukrainian theater in the context of post-colonialism


14:00 Presentation of the Chornobyldorf by the musical and performance association Opera Aperta

15:30 Conversation with composer Illia Razumeiko


16:45 Presentation of the play “Imperium delenda est” (director Dmytro Zahozhenko) Teatr Lesi


14.00 Public talk with curators of the festival

15.00 Teatr Lesi. Artist talk


14:00 Crimea, 5 am, the stage reading

15:00 Conversation about activism in Ukrainian theater


14:00 Mariupol life [between an outpost and a startup]. Lecture on the experience of cooperation with the city of Mariupol. Speaker: Andriy Palatny

15:30 Presentation of the play “human?…” by mariia&magdalyna+ krkrk

Curators of the program:

  • Frederik Poti
  • Veronika Sklyarova
  • Anastasia Gaishenets
  • Pascal Keiser

The Ukrainian pavilion and the show-case program “Pavillons du Futur” were initiated by the “Avignon La Manufacture off-festival” project in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute. Implemented with the support of the French Institute and ONDA (French Office for the Promotion of Contemporary Performing Arts).