Study of the cultural diplomacy institutions of the Russian Federation

This series of three papers is an attempt to discover the strategies and activities of Russian cultural diplomacy’s key instruments.


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About the project

Russia has actively employed its culture and cultural diplomacy for disseminating narratives and perceptions favourable to Kremlin among foreign audiences, especially Western ones.  

In this series of three papers, we have attempted to discover the strategies, activities, and key instruments of Russian cultural diplomacy institutions.

The three biggest Russian state or state-affiliated organisations aiming to spread Kremlin’s geopolitical and cultural narratives and foster networks with Russians and Russia’s sympathisers abroad have come into the limelight of this series of papers:

  • Rossotrudnichestvo
  • The “Russian World” Fund
  • The Gorchakov Fund

We have analysed the development of these organisations, their links to Russian regime and its sponsors (i. e. big business and oligarchs); we have studied these institutions’ mode of operations abroad, the network of their representations, the strategies of social network activities, as well as their undertakings after the launch of full-scale Russian invasion into Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.  

Rossotrudnichestvo, the “Russian World” Fund, and the Gorchakov Fund have been vital instruments of Russia’s cultural expansion in the “near abroad” as well as in farther regions for decades. This expansion has aimed to spread the views on Russia’s domestic and foreign policies favourable to the Kremlin. This has been ensured through the promotion of Russian cultural projects overseas, the financial support of exchanges of professionals, the organisation of language courses and promotion of the Russian language, and the resettlement of Russian “compatriots” to “strategically important” regions in Russia. All these activities necessitated, accompanied, and supported Russia’s aggressive revanchist policies that have been unfolding within the last decades. 


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