About the project

History and social science textbooks form the foundation of a person’s knowledge of a specific country, its history, culture, and place in the world. Later, that foundation is broadened by additional knowledge gained as an adult, as well as personal experience. As a result, it is critical that students receive relevant, fair, and objective information about foreign countries from school textbooks. 

How is the 20th-century history of Ukraine presented in the textbooks of the European countries? The team of researchers gives the answer to this question.  

About the study

The study sought to determine the extent to which Ukraine appears as a history subject in the textbooks of European countries that are strategically important to Ukraine. 

The study reveals and analyses key narratives on the presentation of the 20th-century history of Ukraine and its interpretation in school textbooks in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and France.  

The authors analysed 10 British, 16 German, 17 Polish, and 32 French textbooks and manuals on history (or mixed historical disciplines) that are included in the school history educational programmes of the countries studied.  

This research was carried out in 2021-2022 as part of the study of European school textbooks and manuals on the representation of key historical events related to Ukraine’s role in global processes, which was organised and commissioned by the Ukrainian Institute.