Guide on Ukrainian jazz scene at JAZZ PANORMA

On initiative of Ukrainian institute European jazz map was enriched by the content on Ukrainian jazz scene including key festivals, jazz venues, music media, jazz contests, educational institutions, and music academies in Ukraine.

About the project

It is an important step on the way of integration of Ukrainian jazz community to international jazz scene. It provides visibility of Ukrainian music industry and hopefully will also motivate international partners for more intense cultural exchange on different level of cooperation: between festivals, music media, jazz institutions etc.

About the “Jazz panorama”

Project Jazz Panorama organized by Europe Jazz Network is the most comprehensive online guide on European jazz to date. It intends to provide musicians, agencies, promoters and the general public a practical insight into the jazz scene of each listed country. The information offers greater understanding of national situations regarding the present-day jazz life, performance opportunities, funding, support structures, advanced jazz education and other related subjects.  

By making this information widely accessible, Europe Jazz Network hopes to stimulate mobility of jazz artists and students among countries and also to create a clearer overall picture of the valuable contribution that jazz is making towards the arts in Europe.  

About the “Jazz panorama”

Ukrainian content on “Jazz panorama” was published by the beginning of Europe Jazz Network Conference and was presented in Sofia in September 2022.

A Ukrainian duo of electronic musician Koloah (Dmytro Avksentiev) and trumpet player Dennis Adu performed at the special block devoted to Ukraine with an introduction by Mariana Bondarenko, Music Programme Manager of the Ukrainian Institute.   

The theme of the 2022 European Jazz Conference was BREAKING NEW GROUN.