About the project

In partnership with the Ukrainian Institute ORF musikprotokoll presented performances by violist Kateryna Suprun and composer Katharina Hryvul.

About the ORF musikprotokoll

In 2022 the festival program was held under the motto Whodentity.

Whodentity is a made-up word used at the musikprotokoll 2022 to shed light on pressing current questions of belonging. Who is “we”? Who ascribes what identity to whom in our society?

The musikprotokoll 2022 wanted to turn things around entirely in the most structurally conservative: after almost 55 years, the festival presented premiere music performances exclusively by female composers. 

Ukrainian musicians:

Zemlya is the first piece that Katarina Gryvul composed after the outbreak of Russia’s war of aggression. It is an homage to her home country of Ukraine, and at the same time, the expression of a profound personal crisis. Her musical starting point was a recording of her own breath during a night-time panic attack—voice is one of Gryvul’s primary instruments. Katharina’s performance will be part of “Spacial Adventures”This year, SHAPE+ artists have once again been invited to use the Ambisonics system at the Dom im Berg. 

In 2019, Ukrainian string quartet Danapris celebrated its premiere at the musikprotokoll with contemporary Ukrainian music. Violist Kateryna Suprun fled to Berlin at the beginning of the war. In March, she released her solo album Constellation, which she recorded in Kyiv during the coronavirus pandemic. It is a finely shimmering, delicate compilation of contemporary music from Ukraine that is waiting to be discovered. 

Української музикантки на міжнародному музичному фестивалі Musikprotokoll
Української музикантки на міжнародному музичному фестивалі Musikprotokoll

Kateryna Suprun. Photos: (c) ORF musikprotokoll M. Gross