The Ukrainian Focus project became a culmination of the international exchange programme SWAP
As a part of the Hybrid Festival 2019 in Madrid.
Three out of six Madrid art spaces participate in the exchange programme; three organisations have become residencies for Ukrainian artists.
The project is implemented by the Ukrainian Institute in collaboration with the Spanish cultural organisation Hybrid Madrid under the Hybrid Festival 2019.
At the invitation of the Madrid gallery Nadie Nunca Nada No, the Kyiv space Soshenko 33 presented its project "Demontazh" (dismantling). It focuses on changes in the urban landscape which are taking place in the context of current economic and political transformations in Ukraine. The artists and curators of the exhibition presented their studies of open and latent violence in the urban space, the forms of seizure of public space, as well as their work with the cultural and architectural heritage of the Soviet era.

Participants: Oleksii Bykov / Lev Shevchenko, Taras Kovach, Oleksii Radinskyi, Maksym Trebukhov.

Curator: Anna Sorokova

On September 21, the project hosted a lecture "Kyiv Cultural Initiatives. Work with the Soviet and Post-Soviet contexts" by curator Anna Sorokova and architect Oleksii Bykov.

During the festival, the Artsvit Gallery from Dnipro city resided in the Efti Gallery. Curator Ksenia Malykh comments on "Kiptyava" project by artists Daniil Revkovskyi and Andriy Rachynskyi:
"The Kiptyava Exhibition tells the story of Kamianske city, which as well can be extrapolated at another industrial city of Ukraine. "Kiptyava" was first presented in the Artsvit Gallery in Dnipro and later in Khmelnytskyi.
Presenting this exhibition at Hybrid Festival 2019 in Madrid is not only an opportunity to tell the story again to a totally different audience but also to find unexpected links between entirely different contexts. It also shows how conceptually local work can acquire a new meaning in the international art environment.

One of such links, which was highlighted during communication with the Madrid professional community, is the efficiency crisis of socially critical art.

A series of public discussions on Ukrainian contemporary art also took place at the residence.
COME IN art gallery hosted by the Le Mur Photo Gallery in the Spanish capital, presented NA4OMP project by Ihor Chekachkov.

In his works, the Kharkiv photographer tries to investigate the boundaries between private and public spaces, and who determines them.

Having started his work as a photojournalist, Chekachkov covered a wide range of cultural, mass and political activities. At the same time, in his artistic practice, Ihor worked in the nude genre, exploring body and human presence. Now, he focuses on body as a political target, exploring the boundaries between public and intimate space.
Фото: Come in Gallery
Фото: Анна Сороковая