The Ukrainian Institute announces a drama competition within the program drama on the move
Support for translation, promotion and production of contemporary Ukrainian drama in Germany
Playwrights who write in Ukrainian are invited to participate. According to the results of the competition, there will be selected and translated up to six winning texts into German. The winning texts are included in the program to support the translation, promotion and production of contemporary Ukrainian drama in Germany in 2020-2022 within the program " drama on the move". The competition focuses on texts for adult audiences created during the last 5 years (plays for children and adolescents are not accepted).

Submitted texts must meet the focal priorities of the performing arts of the Ukrainian Institute, such as postcolonial society, work with post-traumatic stress disorder in the theater, gender, inclusiveness, human rights, etc. The full list of topics can be found on the program page.

In 2020, the collection of winning texts will be published online, and in 2021 the collection will be published.

Within the program " drama on the move", the projects will be implemented to promote and ensure the production of winning texts in the repertoire theaters of Germany. Project budgets are not fixed and will be determined individually depending on the project configuration: from copyright clearance to coverage of 100% of project costs (in the case of chamber performances, readings, etc.), and will depend on the amount of funding of the Ukrainian Institute.

Authors can submit their texts until July 16, 2020.

The project is implemented within the program " drama on the move" - a program to support the translation and production of contemporary Ukrainian drama in Europe. The program is designed for 2020-2022 and will be implemented in three countries: Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The aim of the program is to spread knowledge about modern Ukraine and Ukrainians through theatrical texts, to express the presence of the Ukrainian theme in the theatrical space of Europe.

The idea of implementing the program arose due to the poor representation of modern Ukrainian theatrical texts on the stages of European theaters / lack of translations of the latest theatrical texts.