Presentation dedicated to Sophia Yablonska at Salon du Livre
For a long time, the works of Sophia Yablonska were unknown to many researchers and the general public.
One of the key events in the book world - the Parisian Salon du Livre - featured a presentation dedicated to Sophia Yablonska, a Ukrainian traveler, writer, photographer and camerawoman.
The presentation was attended by more than 100 guests. "I am delighted with the fact that during the conference we managed to bring together various specialists who were able to show different aspects of the personality and works of Sophia Yablonska," said the moderator of the event, Natalya Guzenko-Budye.
The event was attended by Oksana Zabuzhko, a Ukrainian writer, philosopher and journalist who carried out a profound analysis of the time that Yablonska lived in and her personality; Jultine Salvestoni, a French journalist and researcher of Yablonska, who spoke about Sofia belonging to artists with her progressive anti-colonial, humanistic views on the colonial world. Aurélie Chauffert-Yvart, director of the Paris photo gallery Folia, joined the presentation to explain the value of the photos of Yablonska to the audience and help to understand why Sofia's works are relevant in the modern context.

At the end of the evening, Jacques Uden, son of Sophia Yablonska, said: "Everything you said about my mother is true. This is exactly what she was like - an independent, brave, and strong person."

"Sophia Yablonska's body of work is a very interesting and essential interdisciplinary phenomenon and we plan to continue to present it in various formats in literature, film, photographer and research forums," Vlolodymyr Sheiko, Director of the Ukrainian Institute, added.

The event came together thanks to the well coordinated cooperation of the Ukrainian publishing house Rodovid, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the Ukrainian Embassy in France, the Ukrainian Book Institute and the Ukrainian Institute, who jointly carried out this presentation at a prestigious international venue.