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The Culture Fights Back project to share stories of artists and civil society representatives who have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The heroes of this section themselves went through the Revolution experiencing and personally participating in building the Ukrainian state after the Revolution of Dignity. Moreover, they took up arms in order to defend their country.

Marharyta Rivchachenko

Marharyta Rivchachenko is a Ukrainian journalist and media manager. On February 24, 2022, she joined the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine, and currently serves as both a press officer and combat medic of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Before the invasion, Marharyta worked as a journalist, and was a media manager at the NGO “Institute of Regional Press Development.” She was also a communications manager at both the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the “March for Kyiv” movement, which advocates for reform in the capital of Ukraine. 

In the Territorial Defense Force, she first held the role of a sanitary instructor, providing soldiers with medical equipment and teaching them how to use it, in addition to working in a hospital and providing first aid. Later, she became a press officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the name “Athena.” Marharyta’s task is now applying her civilian skills to the conditions of war, going down this path not only with journalists, but also with the military.

As a representative of her generation, Marharyta feels responsible for creating history. After the war’s end, she wants to provide psychological support to veterans, write articles, and publish a book. 

Marharyta hopes that Ukraine will learn from Israeli and American  experiences of military rehabilitation: “If my words, my books, publications, or even just my presence and the readiness to listen helps someone, I will be happy. These are just dreams and thoughts, nothing concrete yet. I’m not making plans for longer than lunch these days”.

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