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The Culture Fights Back project to share stories of artists and civil society representatives who have joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In this section, read the stories of modern Ukrainian artists who, at the cost of their lives and health, protect us against Russia’s military aggression in the 21st century.

Serhii Artemov

Serhii Artemov was a famous Ukrainian jazz musician and composer from Dnipro, who played bass guitar, double bass and taught solfeggio. After the beginning of the full-scale war, a professional musician went to defend his country.

Passionate about music, Serhii graduated from the Dnipro Academy of Music named after M. Hlinka at the jazz department. He was a bassist in the Dnipro band Vibe Trio, for which he wrote and performed more than half complex jazz compositions. Together with his band, he participated in the well-known annual music festival in Dnipro and organised jazz evenings and concerts.

Together with other musicians of the group, he was sure that the music performed by them is capable of telling each person about himself. Serhiy also performed as part of the LaLa Band cover group that presented its own versions of famous hits at many concert venues not only in Dnipro, but also in other cities.

Leaving his work, the musician volunteered to defend Ukraine from the aggressor, but died in action from mortar fire on April 18, 2023 near Bakhmut, Donetsk oblast. A shell fragment hit the heart of a 29-year-old man who had been at the front in an assault brigade since the second month of the full-scale invasion.

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