Retrospective screenings of the six films by Kira Muratova at the La Rochelle International film festival, supported by the Ukrainian Institute, will last until July 7.


The retrospective was opened by a public discussion that was devoted to the influence of Muratova on world cinema. It was attended by Eugenia Zvonkina, researcher of the Ukrainian director’s oeuvre, journalist Jean-Michel Frodon (Le Monde) and director Dominique Cabrera.


There will be six films by Kira Muratova in the movies at La Rochelle:

“Brief Encounters” (1967),
“The Long Farewell” (1971),
“The Asthenic Syndrome” (1989),
“Getting to Know the Big Wide World” (1978),
“Among Grey Stones”(1983),
“Change of Fate “(1987).

The second profound Retrospective of Kira Muratova’s films in France is already announced for Cinematheque Française this autumn.