Concert tour with Ukrainian Christmas Music by LELÉKA feat. Maksym Berezhniuk in Germany and Liechtenstein 

Join us for the unveiling of a new album, “RIZDVO,” where the German-Ukrainian folk jazz ensemble LELÉKA collaborates with Ukrainian flutist-virtuoso Maksym Berezhniuk to present a unique fusion of Ukrainian traditional Christmas carols in jazz interpretations. 

photo by K.Kozinska

LELÉKA’s “Rizdvo” encapsulates a profound exploration of Ukrainian Christmas traditions, skillfully blending ancient customs with modern musical expressions. The album promises to be a captivating journey into the heart of Ukrainian cultural heritage, reimagining and preserving the essence of these age-old festive celebrations. 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of Ukrainian tradition and contemporary jazz variations. Whether you find yourself in Germany or Liechtenstein, we extend a warm invitation for you to be part of this musical journey! 

Tour details: 

08.12. // Bürgerhaus, Viernheim chaiselongue – kunst und soziales 
14.12. // Theater Liechtenstein TAK Theater Liechtenstein – feat. Maksym Berezhniuk 
15.12. // Kulturforum Fürth – mit Maksym Berezhniuk 
16.12. // Friedenskirche, Dachau Leierkasten Dachau – feat. Maksym Berezhniuk 
17.12. // ROXY.ulm – feat. Maksym Berezhniuk 
18.12. // ufaFabrik Internationales Kulturcentrum, Berlin – feat. Maksym Berezhniuk 

You can listen to the album at the link.