Ukrainian programme at Music Meeting festival 

This year’s edition of Music Meeting festival (Netherlands), 18-20 May, will present Ukrainian focus programme with the resident artistUkrainian singer, arranger and composer Maryana Golovchenko. Maryana will also be featuring in 3 various concert programmes.

Photo: Max Kneefel 

Martyna van Niewland, artistic director of Music Meeting festival:

Maryana Golovchenko is a phenomenal artist. As a vocalist she creates and opens different worlds for the audience, from traditional to avant-garde, from choir to improvisation. As a cultural ambassador she builds international bridges. Maryana represents and proudly serves her cultural heritage. Her identity resonates lyrically in her oeuvreSlavic rituals, life close to the nature and cultivating traditions from ancient times to the present. However, she opens a dialogue between own heritage and musical cultures from all over the world. At Music Meeting we will see her in three different projects, where the whole gamut of her artistic abilities will be exposed. Dynamics of improvisation and vocal skills in the new project with duo Kravchenko/Clees, her own interpretation of folk music and Ukrainian traditions with trio SonCe and inspirations of Sergey Parajanovmaster of art house cinema whose centennial is celebrated this year.” 

Ukrainian programme 

Ukrainian programme at Music Meeting festival
Ukrainian programme at Music Meeting festival
Ukrainian programme at Music Meeting festival
  • Saturday 18 May

Maryana Golovchenko + Kravchenko Clees duo

Two beautiful voices and a great vibraphonist in a poetic collaboration. The young Ukrainian/Luxembourgish duo Katherina Kravchenko and Arthur Clees won the Jazz Juniors prize in Krakov, Poland. During Music Meeting Ukrainian singer, Maryana Golovchenko, joins this Dresden, German-based duo to perform together jazz interpretations on the poems of famous Ukrainian writers of 20th century as well as traditional UA folk songs.

  • Sunday 19 May 

Trio SonCe concert 

In Trio SonCe musicians from diverse backgrounds come together, the music is a meeting between folk music, jazz and classical, but also between music from East and West, from the past and the present.  

Maryanka Golovchenko – vocals
Pau Sola Masafrets – cello
Cengiz Arslanpay – ney, kaval, duduk, modular synthesizer

  • Monday 20 May, 17:15

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors 

Together with violinist Anna Antipova and pianist Katharine Ziabliuk, Maryana  Golovchencko will perform a live soundtrack to the fantastic film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by director Sergii Parajanov (born Sarkis Parajaniants).