Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw

The festival presents the Polish audience with Ukrainian academic music of different times and genres, ranging from the oldest examples of choral singing to the most modern achievements of the young generation of Ukrainian composers.

Purpose of the programme

— popularization and presentation of Ukrainian musical art in the international context.

Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw 2021

As part of the eighth festival “Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw”, three concerts of Ukrainian art music were held with the involvement of a Ukrainian soloist and Polish bands.

The first concert featured works by one of the most famous and influential Ukrainian composers of the 20th century, Valentyn Sylvestrov. Sylvestrov is considered one of the leading representatives of the Kyiv Avant-Garde artistic group. The soloist of the concert was the winner of a number of prestigious competitions Dmytro Choni (Ukraine), who conducted several piano cycles of the composer.

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In the second concert, the famous Chain Ensemble of contemporary music performed the works of Leonid Grabovsky, Oleh Bezborodko, Yuriy Lanyuk and Oleksandr Shchetynskyi, who represent more avant-garde Ukrainian works.

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The third concert featured symphonic works by composers of the younger generation – Bohdana Frolyak, Oleksandr Shymko and Zoltan Almashi.

Watch the concert on record.

The festival took place on September 4-8, 2022.

Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw 2021

In 2021, the festival “Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw” took place for the seventh time.

The festival programme includes three concerts:

  • choral concert with the participation of the A Cappella Leopolis ensemble conducted by Lyudmila Kapustina

The first concert presented Ukrainian choral music, in particular the works of Dyletsky, Berezovsky and Vedel.

  • chamber concert with the participation of the Royal String Quartet from Warsaw

The ensemble performed works by Ukrainian music luminaries Valentyn Sylvestrov and Yevhen Stankovych alongside the work of young composers – Zoltan Almasha and Oleksiy Retynsky.

  • orchestral concert with the participation of the National Ensemble of Soloists “Kyiv Camerata” conducted by Roman Rewakowicz

The concert featured the works of Ukrainian composers Volodymyr Zahortsev, Oleg Kyva, Igor Shcherbakov, Volodymyr Runchak and Oleksandr Kozarenko.

Foto – Olga_Rainka

Festival organizers

In 2021, the festival was organized by the Pro Musica Viva Foundation in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute.

Since 2019, the festival has become annual thanks to a grant from the City of Warsaw for 2020-2022.

Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw 2020

The festival programme consisted of three concerts:

  • a concert by the “More” collective, which performed calendar-ritual, lyrical and historical songs of Polissya and Central Ukraine
  • a concert by the cellist duet Magdalena Boyanovich and Bartos Kozyak, who performed the works of the world-famous Ukrainian composer Valentyn Sylvestrov
  • a concert with the participation of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, during which the works of modern Ukrainian composers, grantees of the programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “Gaude Polonia” were performed.