SFORZANDO is a programme for international representation of Ukrainian musicians at the world’s major events in the field of academic music

The programme was developed by the Ukrainian Institute. It promotes cultural exchange and cooperation between Ukrainian academic musicians and their colleagues from abroad, strengthens Ukraine’s positions in the international art arena.

About the programme

SFORZANDO facilitates the mobility and creativity of musicians, promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences, introduces the international cultural arts community to Ukrainian classical and contemporary academic music. Musicians are cultural ambassadors who propagate contemporary Ukrainian art abroad.

The programme is based on cooperation with major international festivals, institutions and academic music venues. Our partners are institutions, organizations and companies which have experience, infrastructure, a network of local contacts and which are part of the international professional community.

The SFORZANDO programme gives musicians an opportunity to attend a musical event abroad and perform before an international audience. The participants are selected from the Ukrainian Institute’s Music Catalogue by a special panel which includes representatives of a partner company.

Performance repertoire for the event is selected jointly by the Ukrainian Institute, a partner company and the musicians. When selecting participants, the organizers take into account the special features of the event that set it apart from other festivals, peculiarities of the host country and professional skills of the musicians. Works published in the Chamber Music Anthology will be recommended for performance at the events.


Within the framework of the SFORZANDO programme, in 2021 the Ukrainian Institute collaborates with two festivals:

– The 49th Istanbul Music Festival, where Orest Smovzh (violin) and Nazar Stets (double bass) will perform as a duo in the Music Route section of the festival

– Musikprotokoll (Graz, Austria), where Danapris String Quartet will be performing.