The Ukrainian Institute announces a competition in the Extra Sound programme for the participation in the Polish showcase festival Enea Spring Break to be held in Poznan on April 23 - 25 this year.
It is the second of four showcases the Ukrainian Institute will partner with in 2020. In the autumn, Ukrainian delegations will depart for Waves Vienna (Vienna, Austria) and Bush (Budapest, Hungary).

Extra Sound is a long-term programme for the representation of Ukrainian musicians and bands at international festivals, developed by the Ukrainian Institute. In 2020, the partners of the Extra Sound programme are four major European showcases: The Great Escape (Brighton, United Kingdom), Spring Break (Poznan, Poland), Waves Vienna (Vienna, Austria) and Bush (Budapest, Hungary).

The call for applications for Ukrainian performers to take part in the Enea Spring Break 2020 will be open until February 24, 2020. The Enea Spring Break Showcase Festival and Conference is the largest music festival and conference for professionals in Poland's music scene, taking place in the Polish city of Poznan in the spring. The event is aimed at introducing young bands and artists to influential music industry experts and audiences.

"Talking about the showcase festivals we chose for the Extra Sound program, Poland made a very logical appearance on the list. Firstly, it is Ukraine's strategic partner, and secondly, Poland is the focal country of the Ukrainian Institute. But most importantly, it is a great field of opportunity for Ukrainian musicians, which could potentially be a portal to the European market," Svitlana Lenchenko, Music Programme Manager of the Ukrainian Institute, explains.

The Enea Spring Break 2020 Festival will include four Ukrainian artists and bands selected based on the applications submitted to the Ukrainian Institute in its line-up. The representation of the Ukrainian delegation at the festival is taking place in partnership with the independent music initiative Music Export Ukraine. Dartsia Tarkovska, the co-founder of Music Export Ukraine, speaks about the importance of the Polish music market for Ukraine:

"The Polish market for live music is growing significantly every year. In addition, the logistical proximity for touring and visa-free travel between our countries open up many opportunities for our artists. In order to enhance their potential, we, together with the Ukrainian Institute, organize the presentation of the Ukrainian delegation and artists at the biggest showcase festival of Poland, Enea Spring Break, which is visited by tens of thousands of music fans and music professionals every year."

The Extra Sound programme started in January with the call for applications for The Great Escape (UK). The winners of the first competition will be announced by the British festival after the 20th of February, 2020. Competitions for autumn showcases will be announced later.

More details on the Extra Sound programme here.

Background information
Enea Spring Break Showcase Festival is an international professional showcase festival that has been taking place in Poznan since 2014.

Music Export Ukraine is an independent initiative that helps Ukrainian artists establish international contacts, promote their creative products, develop their careers and talent internationally. The main objectives of the initiative are to consult artists, organize collaborative projects, international exchange programmes, as well as to organize Music Conference Ukraine, the only export-oriented music conference.